Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Worry is as useless as a handle on a snowball!" ~Mitzi Chandler

So today is Tuesday (Tisdag)... there has been much confusion in my little brain today...  
I don't know why... I am just silly I suppose, one day I will learn the days of the week!

Here are the bowls I made yesterday:
 Here is a close up where maybe you can see what I mean when I say inside lip and outside lip.  The one on the left has an out lip and on the right is the in lip.  It was really hard to photograph!
 My overflowing shelf!!!

I worked in the hot shop in the morning with Rosanne.  Stig-Allen had us practicing making handles today!!!! It was lots of fun and really hard.  We were to blow a small practice bubble then practice making 4 small handles on it.  For some reason all of mine were HUGE at first and then Stig-Allen showed me the tiny cup we are going to be making next and I got the point and was able to make them a little smaller!  We are going to make glögg glasses soon and they are small with a little handle so you can hold the warmed drink!  It was one of those days where everyone hurts themselves in the hot shop.  I burned my hand twice in small places and got my ankle cut by a fly by piece of glass!  Oh well, just battle scars I can show later to the grandchildren...."look what I used to do... BLOW GLASS!!! hahahahahah!!!"  

In the afternoon I worked in the hot shop and finally finished that blue bowl! It is beautiful!!! I love it a lot and might actually keep this one for myself!  Here is the finished product:

 Look at all those facets!
 It took me FOREVER today to make it all shiny all over!

 This is Rosanne in the cold shop with her new orange hair! I helped her dye it yesterday and she said it is exactly the color she wanted! It kind of matched the ear muff things! 
 Here are my new fancy rubber (or gummy as many people say here) boots!  They are all nice and dirty from working in the cold shop!

After school today I could not handle any more of the cold shop since I had been there all afternoon and decided not to do the evening session.  Instead I went for a jog (I have to take advantage of this nice weather!) and spent a pretty long time in the woods wandering around.  I took some cool pictures:

 These are both of the running trail (where I will also be cross country skiing once it snows!!!).

Then I spent the evening helping Rosanne figure out what she needed to spend her first night in her new apartment! She has moved most of her stuff but left a lot also... She is over there now with one change of   (clean) clothes, breakfast food, one plate and bowl and all her shower stuff!  I hope her first night goes well! I am sad she is going to be on the other side of Orrefors but maybe I will get some extra exercise by having to walk so far to visit her!  She seems REALLY happy to be getting a place of her own and I am glad for her :)


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The blue bowl is beautiful!!!!!! I really like the pattern it makes on the white paper too. Yes I really think it is a keeper!
    Keep up the great work and glad your feet are now dry in the pretty "gummi" boots (stövlar).

  2. Wow Bird the blue bowl is really awesome! I would like to fill it with Stewed Tomatoes and go to town :)