Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Genius is an African who dreams up snow." ~ Vladimir Nabokov

So, this morning I woke up snow... A lot of snow! It was very surprising... weirdly I woke up at like 5 AM and without looking out the window thought to myself "Oh! It snowed! School will be delayed, go back to sleep."  Apparently, I am psychic AND thought I was back home in VA or NC... not here in Sweden "the land of the ice and snow."   

And, how ironic is this daily comic I got today (luckily I didn't have any nightmares of cannibals!):
Dark Side of the Horse

Here is what it looked like when I went to school this morning at 8:30:
 ^ Right outside the front door.
 ^ Out my bedroom window, or maybe bathroom...
 ^ Yes, this one is bedroom window view.
 Towards the school.  That is the blue car I am using for the month (thanks again Eva & Anders!)
 ^ the deep-ness of the snow on top of the car (I think 2-3 inches, I have long fingers).
 ^ A very Swedish scene, red house, snow and flag-a-flyin'.
 ^ The student housing apartment.
 ^ Orrefors Riksglasskolan in the SNOW!!!
 ^ This is walking towards the factory, I love this little building for some reason.
^ So pretty!!

During the morning class I was working in the hot shop with Malin, who I haven't worked with for a long time.  She wanted to make vases and I hadn't really tried that so we started and were not working with the glass hot enough for the first few.  Then we got sent up to work at the factory! I love working there, so much is happening, the Masters were working today, the more advanced students are around (some being snobs and giving us stupid looks but they suck anyway) and in general LOTS of energy.  Micke showed us how to make the vases properly and then we got to use some color too! Of course, as usual, my best, biggest piece went flying onto the floor! Oh well, I got to work on it all afternoon too!  

These are pictures of my walk back to the factory in the afternoon.  The snow was barely melting at all (it was "no degrees" outside)!

 ^ This is what it looks like when it snows and it is still supposed to be autumn!
 Snow and colored leaves... in the trees,
 and on the ground... not normal!

In the afternoon I worked with Maja in the factory.  She does not seem to enjoy working in the factory, makes her all disoriented she says.  Which of course, makes her more frantic... fun.  She had never made the vases either and I tried to show her, but that wasn't good enough.  She just couldn't see how to do it or picture the finished product we were going for... I DON'T KNOW HOW!!! I made a perfectly good example for her and still she had to go ask Micke to show a few examples.  Then she just talked and talked and talked.  I don't know how many times I had to interrupt to ask for a punty and then stand around and wait for them to stop talking and tell her it was her turn to get started.  I think she would just sit there and talk all day.  And then she tries to talk to me NORWEGIAN!!! sheesh.  I guess we just have completely different interests.  She spends lots of time looking at colors, talking to the teachers, I just want to blow and blow and then take some time to watch the Masters blow and then go back... and she wants to look more at colors and talk to the teacher some more about blowing... Oh well.  We can't all be the same, then life would be boring.

Here are some shots of my glass from this week:
  Water glasses and other tumblers from yesterday.
 Whiskey glasses from the day before that I think.
 Sugar (or salt) bowl.
 Sugar pig!
 Pig foot!
 Google-y pig eyes!
 Two pigs... sharing a small space.. looks kind of naughty over there...
Two normal sugar bowls.
 I noticed these walking home after school.
 Frozen roses... wow!
 These poor things are outside the student home (next to the mail box).
So sad looking!

Then home for a little nap, the off to the stables for a potential riding lesson.  I got an email from Pia that I thought said I had a lesson today as well as yesterday, but then when I read it again today I wasn't so sure.  So, I decided to show up at the barn and if my name wasn't on the list with a horse then I would keep going to Nybro and do my grocery shopping (since I couldn't yesterday).  I took some pictures on the way (not while driving I promise):

 The moon is almost full! 

 It is hard to see but this is at the stables.  I wish I could take better pictures of the snow in the dark... it is so beautiful! 
Nothing like a little stone wall in the snow!

Anyway, it turned out I didn't have a riding lesson.  But I did get to pat Poseidon which was nice :)  Then off to the grocery store for some shopping.  When I got home the car thermometer said it was -2 degrees Celsius (28F)! HOLY COW THAT IS COLD!  Now, time to bed and lots of heavy blankets!
"Baby it's cold outside!"

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