Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Do what you fear and fear disappears."

I think that is a good quote... but let me get down the bare nuts and bolts... I am incredibly afraid of cannibals!  OK, I know that sounds kind of random for a Wednesday quote relation... Let me start at the beginning:

In the morning (after spending too much time in bed instead of eating breakfast) I ran to school eating some kanelbullar on the way.  I had been woken up several times during the early morning by weird dreams.  Why do you always dream the opposite of how people really are and make the most disturbing situations in your mind... I didn't dream of cannibals.. no, instead of I dreamed of Sam being a horrible ass and doing and saying things that he would never do.  I don't know why, I am so excited he is coming to visit in JUST 2 WEEKS... Weird dreams.

I got to school and found out that I had made several of the whiskey glasses and they looked really good! I think I made 10! It is amazing how many that seems now after the hard work yesterday.  I worked with Maja in the morning and after a while she was like "you seemed annoyed or frustrated this morning"  I said I was just still asleep and then realized I really had no tolerance for her spazzy moments and frustrated tantrums and just unpleasantness in general.  After a while I got to be more like a more normal Theresa and laughed off many things and worked hard, but for some reason after crap dreams, a rushed breakfast I just had no tolerance for bullshit.

We worked on putting Swedish feet on bowls again.  I had noticed in the apartment here that there was a salt (i know it is salt because I licked a big finger full the other day thinking it was sugar) bowl here that had a folded out lip and a foot on the side so the opening was on the side sort of and you could rest a spoon on it! Very cool, so I made one of those.  Then I Aca (teacher) said that it was Rebecca's design! Very clever, my advisor.  Then we realized they look kind of like pigs, so on went a foot with a crease in the middle to look like 2 feet and then 2 googly eyes and we had a real pig.  I had accidentally gotten a millllllllion bubbles in my gather of glass which made it even cooler looking I think! I am excited to see it tomorrow!

In the afternoon I got kicked off the glory hole so that two girls could use it.  They are in the second year of the gymnasium and it turns out that like many gymnasium students they are a complete waste of space.  Maybe even more of a waste then normal... they each made two horrible bowls which could not be kept... one made a flying saucer plate thingy and then they messed around and made unrecognizable things... then sat around did nothing at all except talk and goof off in general (my bench faced their so I had to watch them constantly).  Waste of a perfectly good glory hole bench!  I had to make tumblers again, I made some smaller ones and then worked on making water glass size tumblers.  I worked and worked and made several good ones! It was hard because the glass got really low in the furnace but I figured out a way to gather it without it all falling off the end! I was very excited about that!!! 

After school I went to ride at the barn in an extra lesson this week.  Well, first I went to buy some groceries, but then when I walked into the store I realized I had forgotten my wallet...  Sadly no groceries, or treats for the good horses at the barn!  So, I went to the stables and had a lesson on Lady (who was in a horrible mood when I got there!) with a younger teacher named Erica (I think).  We lucked out and only had 3 people in the lesson.  One was an older lady I had ridden with before and the other was a younger girl I have never met.  She rode Vaaaagner and we did a gymnastic.  It was a bounce (when the horse has room to only put their feet down before lifting off for the next jump... don't even take a full step in between the jumps) to a bounce to a one stride (one whole step between jumps) and out over an oxer.  Lady didn't think the little jumps deserved much attention and tripped over them for a while.  The teacher made it more tricky by making us jump without holding the reigns and our arms out, then on our heads, then pat your head and rub your stomach, then cover your eyes with both hands and then she finally started putting the jumps a little higher.  She knew Lady likes to jump and kept me going and going directly and making the oxer bigger and bigger and finally I was jumping out over a 3.5ft jump! It was fun to be jumping big jumps and when Lady wants to she can jump like a pro! It was great feeling and you could tell she really enjoyed it too!   All in all, a good lesson :)  The other people said they enjoyed watching me jump and for once Lady had her ears forward for more than half of the lesson! That a' girl! 

Then, well now, home again.  I turned on the tv to a movie called A Man Apart... which it turns out is SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! ahhhhhhhhhhh! CANNIBALS! Of course once that type of movie starts I can't help but keep watching! I feel like I have to see the end of the movie and see them catch the bad guy and then I won't worry about him still being out there and maybe running into him or one of this buddies when I go back to the grocery store tomorrow.  So, I should face my fear of cannibals and, what, hopefully one won't EAT ME!!!! I realized this fear when living alone after college and watching Bones where there was a cannibal just in DC!!! ONLY A FEW HOURS AWAY!  I literally ran from my car to buildings for a few days for fear of a cannibal jumping from the woods to eat me!  Sadly, I forgot that at the end of the movie the horrible psycho gets killed but Hannibal THE CANNIBAL IS ON THE LOOSE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! great.  now it is time for bed.  Sweet dreams me!

I will have lots of pictures tomorrow, the camera was dead today!

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  1. yea, right- you think I can sleep after all of that!