Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this." - Anonymous

For a few days I have been feeding Thomas' cat.  Her name is Mittens... yes, Mittens...  Apparently, Thomas thought that if he gave her a nice cat name maybe she would live up to it and not be mean or wild.  This didn't work so much.  She is very shy and really, really wants to be wild!   Oh well.  Thomas is in Paris for the weekend with a friend (it is a short trip from Copenhagen) and asked me to feed Mittens for a few days.  I live right next door and walk past his house on the way to school and apparently seem like a responsible person..?  I don't know how he decided this since we have only been together at parties... when we have been drinking... Maybe, I just exude responsible good person vibes?  Anyway, I went to meet Mittens and she sniffed my pants for a second and then Thomas said "Mittens, it is good bye Pappa, Hallo Theresa" and she ran away.  That did not leave me feeling  very confident about our relationship while "Pappa" was away.

So, Friday I went to feed Mittens who spent the entire time I was there hiding under the bed.  That is gratitude for you.  

Saturday morning I gave her some tuna that Thomas left for her.  This let me get close enough to touch her for about 2 seconds! Then she decided the tuna was not worth having to endure me petting her.  Uhg!

Sunday morning (today) I gave her the rest of the tuna and then sat on the floor and read a book for about 30 minutes so maybe she could enjoy some company and maybe let me pet her... No such luck.  I feel so bad thinking of her all alone in that house and then when I am there she won't even let me touch her! Oh well, I guess if she really wanted company she would get over it and come to me.  
Here is the cutie:
Thomas needs to clean under his bed... 
(did anyone else notice she is wider then she is tall when she is like this?)
 Sneaking past me towards the tuna...
 Investigating my boots (haha I accidently wrote boobs) while I read...
And here is the little flirt rolling around just out of reach while I read.  She looks like she wants to be rubbed but noooooooo... if you reach out she high-tails it back to under the bed.  What a tease!

Makes me miss my Tom (my wonderful cat currently living with my parents and younger sister) who would happily let you pet him all the time and would actually harass you until you pet him! 

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