Tuesday, October 26, 2010

“I had always thought that once you grew up you could do anything you wanted -- stay up all night or eat ice-cream straight out of the container.” ~ Bill Bryson


That is INSANE!! I love stuff like that! I can't help it but I want to try all those things, I doesn't matter that I can't ski or that I can't hardly skateboard... I want to fly through the air and defy the limits of gravity and then land with incredible balance and grace... I might also be lacking those two things too.  So, first I need to learn to ski, skateboard, do back flips and dive... then acquire balance and grace... I'm on it! (I also really liked that song!)

Now, this is what I did today instead:
I worked again the morning on making the bowls with the 3 curly feet in a group of 4.  It was good though because we were working much faster and we all got to get more turns and all did better today then yesterday.  Here are the ones I made yesterday so you can see what I mean by curly pig feet.
 I will cut off the top part to make it more bowl shaped and less egg shaped.

In the afternoon we got an introduction to fusing and slumping and using enamels.  I had already gotten a little of this but it was nice to hear again and to hear everyone's ideas and inspirations.  Oh! I got my fish tile today!

I am pleased with it! Now I just have to figure out what to do with it...

Then I found some great colored pieces that had been thrown in the recycling and smashed them with a hammer to make a cool fused mosaic thing of more fish.  I don't know why I am on a fish kick but I think I have a good idea.  After I smashed them to smithereens with a hammer I realized that the color is only on one side of the piece and TONS of clear on the other size.  Not so good.  I finally realized if I was careful I could cut off the clear with a SAW! Yes, I got to use the glass saw! I was totally sure I was going to cut off a finger or toe or something even more crucial but it turns out it doesn't cut skin.  Well, it does after my skin has turned to mush from all the water but not badly.  I cut off a finger nail or two but that was the worst I did.  Here is my afternoon best friend: 

I went to evening class today to finish the endless cups! I polished 'em up and signed them bottoms.  I am pleased with them and feel kind of like I have made real useful things that people could have in their home and not just sit in the corner somewhere gathering dust but looking pretty.  

 9 whiskey glasses, 6 water glasses, 7 aperitif glasses
A sea of glass...

Then... after all that I went to Kalmar with Rosanne to finally get her a freezer.  The car I am borrowing was the only one big enough for it to fit in.  We stopped at McD's on the way, I only ordered a Sprite but got to try some fries in bearnaise sauce... verrrry nice! Then we got the freezer, easily slipped it into the car with the help of the guy selling it.  By the time we got home we were confident in ourselves and thought that we could carry it into the house ourselves...  if not all the way upstairs at least into the building... it was so light when we put it in the car.  Well, it was about -3C (26F) when we got back to Orrefors and we were freezing and tired... we got it out of the car and onto the pavement right behind the car... but then it occurred to us that we couldn't pick it up to carry it anywhere.  Why?  Several reasons: 1. it was heavy and we couldn't stop laughing, 2.  My arms were too short to reach all the way around the freezer, and 3.  The ground was getting icy.  So, we called Bosse (Bart Simpson guy) and went to pick him up to help us.  The problem was that the freezer was right behind the car... We couldn't move the car... We finally managed to move the freezer a few feet to the side and hopped in the car to get Bosse.  He easily picked up one side and carried the heavy end up 3 flights of stairs! Sometimes you just need a big guy to help carry things.  Especially when (for the first time in my life) your arms are too short!!!!  

Now, time for bed after a long day of glass and freezers... irony.... glass in Swedish is ice cream! Where do you keep your glass (ice cream) in?  THE FREEZER! hahahahaha!!

I need some sleep.


  1. wow even enameling I am getting more envious each day!!!! Way to go Theresa