Tuesday, October 19, 2010

“Always keep a song in your heart - it's like karaoke for the voices in your head” ~ Robert Fulton Abernethy

So, this morning we all arrive and notice that the glory holes have not been turned on and there is a big pile of molds near the door.  Uh oh, back to mold blowing?!?!?!  Stig-Allan said "Since the furnace is so full I thought we should practice gathering and blowing again.  Taking big gathers and keeping them under control."  So, he shows us how to blow small glasses, aperitif glasses, with one big gather and go straight to the mold! Tricky... very tricky... but then by the time I went to get my mold only the big ass whiskey glass molds were left.  Stig-Allan heard me go "ooooh no!" and says "I will show you one direct, Therese (yes he says my name without the "a")."  He showed me how to do one gather, make a post (bubble with a neck) and then gather a ton of glass on top of that and then make a huge ass whiskey glass.  Then suddenly in walks Bjorn, 50 minutes late to class, and Stig-Allan says "what are we going to do with you?!?" and I said "give him the most difficult mold for being late!" and Stig-Allan says "you already have it Therese! haha!"  grrrrreat.  Well, my first attempt was a WILD SUCCESS!!! Then it took me several more tries before I could make another good one.  I made several through out the morning, but more bad ones then good ones.  Oh well, next time it will go the other way I am sure!

In the afternoon I went to the cold shop and finished my flower engraving! I think it turned out pretty cool.  It was surprisingly exhausting holding that heavy engraving thing-y... with all the vibrating and trying to be all specific and tense...  Anyway, here is how it turned out:

 One side... look at those leaves! They were done with this tool that you either write with or make dot dot dot lines like in the middle of the flower too.  Pretty cool.
 One half of the other side....
 Here is the other half... Done with the same tools as the other side!
 Here it is without paper in the middle.  It is way cooler in real life!

My whole school day I forgot my IPod! It was horrible, I didn't work with anyone all day and we were all concentrating so hard we didn't chat much... So, I had weird songs stuck in my head all day... "Whistle While You Work" from Snow White, "8675309" song from the 80's, "We Are The Champions" from Queen and various others... It was horrible.  But I got before the evening class!! Thank goodness! But that inspired the title of the blog... just so maybe you don't think I am more crazy than I really am.

In the evening class I finished up the bowls that I made yesterday with Rosanne! They turned out really good! I was pleased!!  Here they are:
 A tiny blue bowl and the one of the right has a really light pink edge around the top.

 Blue rim!
 And, my beauuuutiful pink bowl! It brought together lots of things I have learned...
 Color, a folded in lip,
and, a Swedish foot! Taaadaaa!!

Now time for some Pride & Prejudice (BBC version) and kanelbullar! Have a good rest of your Tuesday! 

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