Monday, October 25, 2010

"I get mail; therefor I am." ~ Scott Adams

Monday mornings are hard... I guess I should try not to sleep in so much on the weekend and keep my body programed to wake up at the same time... BUT weekends are made to sleep in!!!

I went to the cold shop this morning where I worked some more on the hand engraving.  It is amazingly hard! I worked on this figure of a man walking away from you, well me, or whoever is looking at it I suppose.  It was not a very exciting figure but Tove said I should start on something simple before I went straight to the back of the book again! I think she is catching on to my "skip the boring stuff - go straight to the really cool stuff that combines all the boring parts" philosophy in the cold shop.  It was OK though, the engraving room was warmer then the cold shop! I don't think there is heat in the building and the heat is generated by the glass furnace and glory holes... so it is usually pretty cold in the morning before school gets started.  
Here is what I worked on:

For some reason at lunch I was beyond starving! I even ate a normal breakfast this morning and didn't have to rush too much... At lunch I ate 3.5 sandwiches (open faced) and was still hungry so Rosanne gave me some of her leftover pasta she brought and then some coffee and saft.  Maybe I have a tapeworm... ew.

After a HUGE lunch I went to the hot shop where we were to work in groups of 4 to make bowls with 3 curly feet on the bottom.  One person made the bowl then the other people each brought some glass bits to make the curled feet.  Stig-Allan calls them pig feet because they look like curled pig tails.  It was very difficult to make the big bowls and also frustrating because I only got to make 3 bowls all afternoon! It took forever and having to take turns with 3 other people really slowed down the whole afternoon.  Rosanne and I worked with Martin and Kresten (Christian), the two Danish guys.  Hopefully tomorrow it will go better and maybe we can work faster as a team and not spend so much time waiting for one person to make a bowl.  

Here are the things I made on Friday!
 Long, skinny vases on parade!
 They are really glittering in the flash! Very pretty :)
And, yes that is a normal match box! I made a HUGE one! Hoooray!

After school I went to the evening session.  I popped the tops off all the whiskey glasses and other glasses that I had made at the beginning of last week.  It turned out to be a BILLION glasses! I think I have 8 big whiskey glasses, 6 water glasses and maybe 6 more small glasses.  I ground down the tops and rounded out the edges for 2 hours! My hands were a prune-y mess!
(I bet vampires never get prune-y hands!)
 I didn't get to polish the edges, I guess I will do that tomorrow.  But it was a good 2 hours of hanging out getting soaked by the grinding machines and jamming to the IPod, surprisingly very relaxing.  

One of my bestest friends, Valerie (view her blog), sent me a great package! Perfect for Halloween :)
Sexy vampires on a magazine, Halloween card and chocolate! Perfect!!!
The Halloween card says:
"I think she had a little work done."
"What do you mean 'a little'?!?!"
(inside) "Happy Halloween from one natural beauty to another."

True Blood (the cover of the magazine) is one of my FAVORITE shows.  The magazine came out right after I left the states and I went into every press shop looking for a copy here but couldn't find it! I even sent my Aunt and Mom searching for it while they traveled around Sweden... no luck.  Val amazingly found this one at her friend's house in Colorado and sent it to me!! What great luck and really dedicated searching by my woooonderful friend!  

PS: The hot guy on the left is the Swedish actor named Alexander Skarsgård, son of Stellan Skarsgård.

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  1. First of all, thank you for the blog shout out! Secondly, I couldn't even draw the man walking away, let alone think about engraving it. THirdly... glad you love your mail! MISS YOU!