Monday, October 4, 2010

turns out there are lots of definitions for "grinding" on the internet...

For some reason it feels like it has been a long time since I have last written... but it was just on Saturday...  Oh well, maybe I just miss you guys ;)

Today, I went to the cold shop in the morning where I worked on this very pretty blue bowl.  I picked it because, well, 1.  it is pretty, 2.  it was one of the only think bowls left and 3. I thought it would look good with the facet cutting... is that what it is called? It can also be called grinding... but that sounds kind of kinky so we are going to keep with the facet cutting.  Pretty much you take something round and make it straight in places by grinding (no other word to use really) on a wheel to make it flat.  Like when you make a giant diamond out of glass (which I want to do... well, it looks like a pain, maybe I just want someone else to do it and give it to me...).  

Here is my bowl:
I colored in the bottom facet cuts to help make sure I polish all of the area that has been ground.  It is very difficult to see through the blue glass it turns out (maybe that is why they were all that was left).  I am also going to do more cuts at the top of the bowl to finish it tomorrow I think!  I tried to finish off the bottom of a few of the bowls I made on Friday but only did 3 I think.  Here are the bowls from last week:

This was my first attempt with the inside lip:
 There were 2 more but they had cracks so they got thrown out.

For some reason it appears I didn't take any picture of the bigger bowls on the end there... Oh well, of course, they were the best!

This afternoon in the hot shop I tried to do the lips on the outside of the bowls.  This is much harder... and it seems like it should be so easy! I got a few good ones and had a good time, so I was pleased.  I was paired again with Rosanne and we worked very well together again :)  

After school today we had the first of our evening sessions.  These are from 4-6 on Monday and Tuesday in the cold shop.  Anyone can go and work on whatever you want.  It is pretty cool.  I went back and worked some more on the blue bowl and on the other bowls also.  It makes for a looooong day though! 

Then I made this delicious lasagna! I am becoming a lasagna master I think!
I guess, I mean, I use canned pasta sauce and just add some spices... But LOOK AT ALL THAT CHEESE!!!!!!  It was good even though I accidentaly got the olive pasta sauce and am not that fond of olives. Oh well, I guess I really have to start paying better attention at the store.  I focused on understanding what the meat packages said and this time got weird sauce... there is so much to think about... AT THE GROCERY STORE! Oh well, it was a success and I have enough to feed a small army or me, the bottomless pit, for the next few days!


  1. I'm drooooling over your lasagna! ("stop drooling on me! I'm not drooling, i'm cleaning!") also your photo is beautiful, and your bowl is too! (the blue one, the other ones are good too but i really am impressed with the blue one!) MIss you TONS!

  2. The lasagna looks good!! What kind of meat did you put in??
    Great that you have some evening sessions now too, with the dark coming earlier it will be nice to have something special to do.