Thursday, October 14, 2010

The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. ~Arabian Proverb

Holy cow am I exhausted... but in a GREAT way! I worked all day in the hot shop making Swedish feet on bubbles and bowls and then I got an extra riding lesson this week in today!!! 

I worked with Christian (Danish guy) in the morning.  We practiced making as many Swedish feet as we could just on a bubble for the morning.  It was Christian's first time and he was a very good assistant.  He consistently brought the same amount of glass each time, better then me! He also was prompt and fun to talk to.  Rosanne got to work with Malin but then she just disappeared after a while and so she got with Nils.  Apparently, he wasn't that reliable either.  I felt bad for Rosanne but she said she got some good pieces made.  She showed me in the afternoon that she is actually going to keep a really good creamer she made the other day with me! She never keeps anything, too much of a perfectionist! 

In the afternoon I worked with Mia (who I just learned spells her name Maja... whoops.  I am really bad with names!) and we made bowls with a Swedish foot on them.  It was fun but by then the glass was super low! I tried to make a glass cat... very tricky when you haven't been shown anything about how to make it first (now I have looked on the internet).  Rosanne and I noticed that Kirsten and Anniina have some sitting here in the apartment and how cute they are.  Then the first year gymnasium kids got interested and tried to give advice and critic my skills.  So, after two failed attempts on my part this girl who really talked like she knew what was going on tried and hers was EVER WORSE! ha! ok, sometimes I am trivial like that... but she really had to eat her words! 

I took some pictures of the bowls I made the other day:
Try not to focus on the alien hand holding the bowl but really the adorable little bowl with the nice Swedish foot instead...
 That's better...
 This one I messed up the top accidentally... so I made it kind of a flower top instead of normal.
 Stig-Allan says we aren't supposed to be making art by accident yet... we should wait until we are better first... but I LIKE IT! haha.

After school I sat around and ate a ton of food... it turns out I haven't lost weight as previously thought, I have in fact gained weight! I am going to say that muscle weighs more than fat.  That is why I am heavier and not any bigger... maybe?  Or maybe Saara (yes, that is how you really spell her name) was trying to say something when she said "you eat a lot!" haha.  Oh well.

OH! and while I was laying in bed yesterday Stig-Allan handed out the shirts we ordered! They say Riksglasskolan Orrefors Theresa on the chest pocket area.  They don't all say Theresa... I would hope you would have figured that out on your own.  It is pretty cool.  I feel like an official glass blower now ;)  I will take a picture when I wear it.

I also got a package from my mom! It is so wonderful to get mail! I got some magazines (horse and glass) and a little surprise:

Thank you Mamma for solving my Halloween costume dilemma!  I think I will wear all black and maybe some of that fake spiderweb stuff and this mask! I will dress up AS Halloween! hahahahaha!

Then I went for a late night riding lesson! I was supposed to be on at 7:45 PM but the pony lesson before me ran over.  Pia goes "you know how sometimes ponies just don't want to jump... that made it take a little longer."  That was very well said I think... sometimes they just don't want to jump... but it looked like the little kids were mostly in control.  Maybe that is a good time to have such a small indoor arena! haha.   When the lesson finally started at 8:20 (!!) I rode Lady.  I am starting to grow fond to Lady (who didn't see that coming?) even though I dissed her before.  She tries to be pure evil... snarls when you pet her and go into her stall but then lovingly searches for treats and likes her ears scratched until she remembers to snarl  again.  She likes to jump until she remembers to snarl at your leg and pull on your hand... then gets distracted and goes "oh here is another jump! hoooray weeeeeeeee!!!!" and flies through the air.  I had a great time riding her today... but I thought of her new show name... The Freight Train.  Nice.  I rode really well which was great feeling  and there were only 2 of us in the lesson today so Pia got to talk to me a little more which was also nice.  The girl I rode with and her mom commented on my good riding too :)  they said I should join their team with their ponies.  I don't know what that all entails or what... but I just kind of smiled and said "ohhhh..." and Pia went on talking about something else.  After the lesson, in which Lady wanted to jump to the moon, she got to go back to her stall when I had to take down all the jumps from the lesson with the other girl. There were 8 pretty substantial jumps there! I think a few of the oxers (where you jump a wide jump instead of just one rail) were close to 3 feet tall (yay)!  I really felt my muscles were sore and tired when carrying those jumps!

I got home around 10 PM, talked to Sam :) and now am going to bed ASAP (As Soon As Possible) since tomorrow starts at the crack of dawn! I hope you guys had as great of a Thursday as I did!  I will be going to sleep with a smile on my face I am sure.


  1. haha I think we all get ASAP as well (maybe not the swedish types?) Also... you are correct in thinking muscle weighs more than fat. Thats why sometimes when people start dieting and working out their weight doesn't change and they get really frustrated! but it's where the weight is coming from that is muy importante! I am glad you are having so much fun and I really want to come visit :)