Saturday, October 16, 2010

"God gives every bird his worm, but He does not throw it into the nest." ~ PD James

Firday started at the crack of dawn.  I like that school ends earlier on Fridays but it sucks that it has to start so much earlier! Rosanne and I worked on Swedish Feet again.  I worked with her in the morning and made some bowls like these (from Thursday):

In the afternoon I finished my fish bowl! I was happy when it was done.  I think the hardest part were the little beaks and legs on the birds! I guess because they were so small and the finishing touches.  I had worked so hard and long and didn't want to mess it up with the stupid legs and beaks.  So, here is the finished product:

 Look at those little beaks and kind of spiderly legs.

After school I went riding AGAIN :) yay, second time this week!! I had a dressage lesson with Poseidon, my favorite.  I think that Pia thinks that if I am a good jumper then I should be good at dressage... which just isn't the case.  I can't sit still enough, back enough (shoulders behind my hips it feels like), hands up enough, legs strong enough.  Then, when I think I am doing it correctly Poseidon leaps up and changes his lead out of the blue on a straight line! So, I guess I have a long way to go.  After the lesson I was super tired and my hands were exhausted... but I will get better.  Maybe when I come back to the states I will be a dressage master! haha, maybe not.  Sometimes I go around, dying, and watch some of the other people in my lesson who are flopping all over and looking crazy and I think "why doesn't Pia harass them as much as me??!?!" but then I remember that I am getting my monies worth for sure and I should be happy with the extra attention and take advantage of it.  Even if it kills me! haha not really.  I will just have to get better at this whole dressage crap.

 Poseidon was happy to see me!
 Such a cutie!
Look at that saddle pad! It was like having racing stripes on! haha.

And since it was such a beautiful day I took some pictures of that wonderful fall and cute horses:
 Pretty yellow leaves changing.
 It is hard to see the tree colors but they are really pretty.  And that is Ingrid riding in that field on a beautiful chestnut horse.
 What is cuter then a tiny pony in a tiny blanket?!?!? 
Two cute ponies begging for some dinner?  Yes, maybe that is cuter.

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  1. T - Went on a trail ride today and missed you and Justin. Your bowls are great!