Monday, October 18, 2010

"Lovin' from the oven"

Today I worked in the cold shop in the morning.  It was FREEZING!  According to Micke the buckets in the hot shop had ice on them this morning! I did some hand engraving from the book.  It was very difficult with freezing hands but it was hard and fun.  I practiced on a drinking glass and tomorrow I will do some cool flowers but here is what I worked on today:
 A Viking knot.
 A Viking ship...
And a horse! I don't know what kind of horse moves like that... but it was in the book.

I went to the hot shop in the afternoon working with Rosanne making colored bowls with Swedish feet on them.  I even made some colored feet, very tricky.  I worked hard and by the end of my time there was exhausted! I am now making much bigger bowls and much hotter, it was a lot fun.  Rosanne worked with color for the first time so I showed her some techniques and she went wild.  She had the most fun she has had a while working with colors and making much bigger bowls.  It is always more fun to assist someone who is really enjoying their work and having a good time!

After school we went to evening class.  Sadly, the teacher there wasn't very good at helping students really.  She could hardly help me fix a broken machine or help Rosanne locate the clear glass for making beads. So, we left early... it was kind of a waste of time.  It is hard to be in the cold doing wet things with your hands when you can't do what you want to be doing so.  So, we went back to my place (well Anniina and Kirsten's) to make Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) from scratch!  
 Rosanne and the ingredients!
 We used a TON of butter (even more later)! yum!
 Makin' some dough...
Now we let it rise...
 And wait hungrily...
 Here is insides... more wonderful butter and sugar!
 A happy chef!
 The rising is done...
now we squash it!
 make a huge mess!
Wait for it to rise AGAIN... and clean all those dirty dishes in the background...
 What a mess...
 Cinnamon buns as far as the eye can see!!!
 Look at those all beautiful swirls!
 Baked to perfection!
 Wonderful, fluffy swirls!
 A perfect dessert!
Look at that ooey-gooey goodness!

Rosanne was a very good baking assistant even though if I didn't carefully watch her she would do everything in her power to mess it up... at one point she helpfully turned off the oven... at another she said she thought she was killing all the "fungi" in the yeast by kneading the dough so much... She was my translator of the recipe we used and when I asked her a question she would say "they are not very specific... it is a bad recipe" and then later come to find out she would just stop reading it and just make up something for me to do next! haha, they turned out great! Maybe we should start selling them at the market in Nybro?  Glass and buns?!?! mmm, get ready for my bakery/hot shop that is supposed to be in the basement of Sam's famous restaurant.  Haha things are starting to fall into place.

Don't worry I put some of the 56 buns we made (and split) into the freezer so I will have some when visitors come by ;)


  1. I want some!! Can almost smell them on the picture they looks so good!!

  2. OMG i want some. now. do I have to wait till I visit? gah!