Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"An autobiography is a book a person writes about his own life and it is usually full of all sorts of boring details." ~ Roald Dahl

Nothing too exciting to report today... sorry : /

I worked in the factory all day with Maja.  In the morning we worked on making bowls with 3 feet like before but with color this time! We made them bigger and thicker by doing a different sort of gathering technique which was very tricky but fun once it started working.  I had a pretty spectacular save on one attempt.  It made the cooler look really weird and hopefully it will be as awesome when it is cool and the inside won't be messed up by the bubble twisting inside.  We also practiced making some animals.  Micke says that it is good to play with the glass while you have free time and make these little animals, teaches you to read the glass and use the different tools.  We tried to make cats, mice, swans, snails and something else... no, maybe that was it.  I made a few keep-able cats.  I had made one a few days ago but forgot to give it a tail! 
Here it is:

We continued to work in the afternoon and even had a sort of heated discussion at one point.  She was having a hard time and kept making a point at the bottom of the bubble/bowl.  She was getting really frustrated and I asked if she wanted me to go get Micke so he could help her.  It ended up something along the lines of me saying I didn't mean to offend her and saying that she can't take her frustrations out on me I was only trying to help.  She said she was sorry and then we moved on.  It was kind of loud and with raised voices.  Luckily, it is so loud in the factory that I don't think any one noticed the very loud conversation or awkwardness.  

After school I have sat around and planned my next few days! Lots to do before Sam arrives on MONDAY! First, I have to clean this apartment I have been staying in, 2. clean the apartment in the student house, 3, go to the grocery, 4. go to systembolaget (liqueur store where they sell stronger beer and wines) 5. do a MOUNTAIN of laundry, 6. ride twice, 7. pick up Kirsten and Anniina at two separate times, 8. paint my nails and etc... See? Lots to do! It won't take that long but it is a lot to remember.  I might make a list...  OH! I got a head start on making this place presentable again... I made this sign to put on the door for them when they get home! 

Now it is time for an early night! This week has been exhausting at school for some reason... Better rest up before Friday since it starts so early!  Good Night! Sov Gott!!

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