Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Am I going mad or did the word 'think' just escape your lips?" ~The Princess Bride

Today, sadly, was not such a good day.  I guess we all have those and I am optimistic that tomorrow will be better.  But, it was an interesting day.

In the morning I went to the hot shop where Mia and I were going to work on glögg mugs.  We were really doing well and Stig-Allen said we had to make 50 by the end of the morning.  We were chugging away and Mia opened the annealer, which is kind of like the shape of a refrigerator, and suddenly out comes this huge piece which crashes to the floor and EXPLODES! All of a sudden I have incredible pain on my lip and I am like "SHIT SHIT OOOWWWWW SHIT OWWWW!!" and Mia thought I got a piece in my eye and I am trying to brush the piece of glass off my burning and cut lip and it just rolls down my lip burning it as it goes until I finally realize to pick it off where it starts burning my fingers! Amazingly I managed to continue to hold my piece in the giant tongs and Mia was able to put it in the annealer while I ran to the bathroom to run my lip under some hot water to avoid a giant blister forming! IT HURT SO BAD!!!  In the bathroom I finally looked in the mirror and saw that I had a cut and 3 blisters forming on the left side of my lip.  When we told Stig-Allen what happened he was like "shit! that is a really rare accident!"  which didn't make me feel that much better.  He did point out that is on my left and I use my right thumb when blowing in the pipe!  I was able to go back out and help Mia work on her pieces but was unable to blow for the rest of the morning :(  I sat around with a wet towel on my lip between getting her puntys and handles.  

After a lunch of sandwiches eaten in tiny bits and ibuprofens I went back to the hot shop.  It turns out my lip was still too tender to move around enough to blow so Mia just made more pieces.  Every once a while she would blow me a piece and I would open it up into the shape of the mug and make the little handle.  It just wasn't the same though.  After a while Mia was done and I helped Rosanne.  It turns out Rosanne was also having a rough day.  She was exhausted or something and just could not think or really function well.  Instead we convinced Stig-Allen to make a giant piece.  This weird Danish guy brought this HUGE pipe for Stig-Allen to straighten and so we convinced Stig-Allen to make a piece so Rosanne didn't have to suffer through any more difficult blowing!  At the end of the day Stig-Allen gave me some of an aloe plant to put on my lip tonight while sleeping... I tried a little when walking back to the house and got some in my mouth and it was DISGUSTING!!! It was like rinsing your mouth with nail polish remover! I couldn't handle it! And when I spat it out it was GREEN! How gross is that?!?!?

After school though.... I moved my stuff into Kirsten and Anniina's apartment where I will be staying until the end of October for them.  Kirsten is away in Norway doing her practical work (where they go work at an existing hot shop for a few weeks) and on Saturday Anniina will be going to Finland to do hers.  Sp, they asked me to house sit for them while they are away.  I will be here, using their reliable internet, watching their better tv (way more channels!!!) and staying in their very comfy apartment! But, it will be weird without them here... I will miss 'em!  Tonight, I made Anniina and I a very tasty chicken curry dinner! I didn't take a picture... but I assure you it was as tasty as it was beautiful... and it was very both!

I will have some pictures tomorrow I promise and hopefully my lips will be much more healed!


  1. Theresa,
    So sorry about your lip blisters and cut all at the same time!!!!
    Hope that you are better today

  2. mwa mwa pat pat... feel better I miss you!!! we need a gchat date soon.