Tuesday, July 27, 2010


As you all know moving sucks. It is the epitome of crap times. So after a wonderful weekend I am packing my brains out to get ready to load up a Uhaul and move all my stuff to my parent's house in Pinehurst. My Dad is coming tomorrow to pick up everything so I absolutely have to have everything ready by the time he arrives. It would be great if I could have everything ready by tonight. That is the goal, but not a concrete goal really. The concrete goal is by the time he and my little sister arrive tomorrow.

Stupid moving! WHY do I have so much stuff?!?!WHY do I feel the need to keep it all? There are so many people out there that get by with so much less. They not only get by but also succeed and excel in life! Why can't I be one of those simplestic people. Who live in super modern homes with nothing but a couch and a tv that is secretly hidden in the wall and one fancy vase with flowers in it??? Instead I am the daughter of artists, who have taught me to surround myself with things that I love and that make me smile. THUS I have a billion pots, books and various other nostalgic stuff. I am not blaming them, I am just complaining that I have a bunch of stuff to move. Who doesn't complain at moving time? Weirdos that is who.

So, I have to get back to the laundry mat to pic up my laundry then home again to clean/pack all my stuff. Luckily all this packing has kept me busy enough to not be sad about moving and leaving all of these people I have come to know and love to be around. People have been saying and sending me the nicest things about how they will miss me and I am always welcome and I nearly start to tear up and then I remember I need to go vacuum the rugs which are covered in cat hair and the tears go away and I save them for another day. But I do appreciate all of the thoughts and kindness that people have given me and I will miss Virginia! I will miss all of the friends I made here and unique people who have touched my life.

OK back to packing for real now, no more procrastinating. Then in TWO days to the BEACH with my best pals!

Friday, July 23, 2010

First Post

So obviously this is the first time i have done this. The point of this blog is to document leaving Virginia, moving to Sweden to blow glass at Orrefor's school in Sweden and the learning and hilariosity (aka really funny things) which will ensue. Hopefully this will serve as a tool to keep people up to date with my life who live far away and are curious and also to amuse and provide insight into this life changing journey.

I have decided to leave my life in Virginia and go out on my grand adventure... Now I know Sweden is cold and dark a lot, and why would you go there for your grand adventure and not like some pacific island or India?!? Because my friends, Sweden is the motherland, literally my mother is from there, and because I want to blow glass. I want to start having a life where I can be creative everyday and where I can find fulfillment in what I do and create. And to really experience the Country of my heritage (and hopefully learn some Swedish!). Today is my last day at work as Planner/Zoning Administrator (working for local government). Today I ate cake for breakfast because my wonderful friends at work gave me a little going away party. and Today I am cleaning out my desk and leaving my office. I figured it was as good as any other day to start the blog.

In the next week I will move out my house that I share with my lovely boyfriend and his brother and take my things to my parents house. Go to a great party tonight, wedding tomorrow and do a lot of packing. I will then hopefully be going to Topsail Island with my two best friends and relaxing and laughing until my sides hurt. So I am not exactly sure when I will post again, it might be sporadic. Also I will try to improve the general look of this blog. Right now I am aware that I have a giant picture on the top and an airplane... not very exciting. I will fix I promise. Just figured I better start or I might put it off and just never do it.

OK, I am off to go home and enjoy my afternoon. The desk is clean and this stage of life is over. And now for something completely different (Monty Python of course!).