Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." ~ Inspirational Card

This morning I was in the hot shop with Rosanne.  I worked on making bowls with a Swedish Foot again... tricky getting those centered.  And, for some reason today every time I went to put the mouth of the bowl into the glory hole it cracked.  I finally figured out that it was because I am making bigger things and sometimes thinner things and thus they can loose their heat and need to be reheated more often to not get too cold for the glory hole.  It is always something to think about... That is why it is so interesting though.  Rosanne worked on making creamers... she had a rough time with the handles but with a little Stig-Allan guidance managed to make a few very nice ones.  I think we were both pleased with our mornings.  Though, not perfect we were able to make some nice pieces and fix our problems.

In the afternoon I went to the cold shop where I had planned cleaning out my shelf, as in taking some things home and giving others to the school to sell if they wanted and just throw out some pretty awful pieces.  Then... low and behold... Rebecca had the same plan for us! I bought some of my glass (yes, the blue bowl was kept!) and Rebecca kept a lot of other pieces for the school.  It was nice to know that it hasn't just been thrown away... and maybe someone can use it for engraving or sell it to help fund their field trip to Venice or something... I didn't get a chance to work on my bird plate but instead finished off the bottoms of my colored bottles (kept almost all of those) and finished my whiskey glasses that I made the other day.  They turned out pretty nice... smaller now without the big top on them... which was kind of disappointing but that is ok.
 Here is my shopping bag full of glass to take home.
 My parents sent me this card in the mail.  I thought the quote was GREAT and it was nice to know they are thinking of me and happy for me.  I miss them a lot and sometimes it is hard not to talk to them so often... but I guess it isn't much less then when I was in college... well, hopefully we will have a video chat date soon!
 After school and evening class I went to Rosanne's new apartment (all the way on the other side of Orrefors) and to Tempo (the grocery store).  On the way back the sun was setting so beautifully I tried to take a few pictures of Orrefors in a fall sunset.
 This is the museum and some other building I have no idea what it is for.  There is a neat plate like thing hanging in the tree here though.
 That is the factory on the left with the old smoke stack.
And here is the house that I am currently living in while Kirsten and Anniina are away.  I love the walking here after school and looking at the great leaf colors! Even the shrubs are changing color!!! I sat around this evening making soft tacos, doing laundry and watching Avatar... pretty relaxing evening.  

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  1. great photos and fun reading, yet again!! Vicariously living through you!! Though doing a great job ourselves on the north shore of Mass, headed to NH!!