Thursday, September 1, 2011

"One taco short of a combo platter."

Sorry I didn't post yesterday... Core Spin wore me out.  When the class finished I was all energetic and happy and then it quickly wore off and I was exhausted.  Supremely exhausted.  Needless to say, I turned on the tv, tried not to eat an entire bag of chips alone while I slowly passed out in bed with the chips.  

So, yesterday I spent the whole day at school in the cold shop.  In the morning we worked on engraving and I decided to do a picture of Justin.  I am turning into a 8 year old girl where I have to put horses on everything. It's ok, I have decided to embrace it.

So, I used this picture, taken of Justin a few years ago:
 First, I had to draw it on the vase like this:
 Then started the engraving.  It was a bit scary since it has been so long since I have done anything like this.  First I started on his legs on the other side of the body and then on the areas where he sticks out like this shoulder and rump.  Every time I had to move onto a new place on his body I was like "oh god, don't mess it up!" but it turned out good so far.  I kind of like it how it is, but I am sure it will get better!
 In the afternoon I did some deep cutting in a crystal vase.  I decided to try a sort of directional star shape... I almost finished it but need to do a little more to make it super nice.  I hope to do a lot of deep cutting this year and put it in the acid bath.  I mean where else in the world can I do deep cutting like this in real crystal!?!?
 After school I don't remember what I did and then I went to Core Spin with Sigrid and Josephine.  I was a bit nervous when we started but the teacher showed me how to get on the bike and the different positions we would use.  First we did 30 minutes of core work which wasn't too bad but it was work.  Then we went into the spin room and rode until I thought I was going to fall off my stationary bike.  I may have fallen off if I hadn't been strapped in!  It turns out my right leg is much stronger and when I would push with it sometimes I would fly up and towards the left and nearly off the bike.  I am not going to lie, it was a bit awkward.  I think I will do it again, but thankfully the class is only once a week!

So, today, it was back to blowing molds.  We were told we had to make them even thicker then before... needless to say it was super hard and exhausting.  I made 15-20, I was quit proud of myself and very tired.  I am pretty tired of blowing in molds and doing the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! It is amazing that some people do this for yearssssssssssssssssss in the factories.  Needless to say next week I am going to refuse to do the same thing over and over again.  I will put my wee foot down with force!

After school I decided to make some delicious tacos! I found this recipe on Pioneer Woman a long time ago and always wanted to try it and decided now was the time.  So, it takes chicken with taco sauce and green chilies, tortillas, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce... the usual stuff:
 I put the chicken mix in the tacos and dropped them in the hot oil! Sadly, I didn't have any tongs and had to use the forks to hold them down and pick them up.  Tricksy, very tricksy.
 Sadly, I used flour tortillas instead of corn, which made them bubble a bit but still amazing!
 Then, stuffed them with creme fresh, lots of hot sauce, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce!  Super crunchy and not very greasy which is wonderful! Sadly, I could only eat 2 even though they were SO good!
I am very happy to have to Mexican food here in Sweden... it is the one cuisine that Sweden seems to be missing.  Maybe next time I will even buy some Mexi beer to go with instead of the Carlsburg, though that was very good with it anyway!

Now, I am off to bed, Fridays start early around here! Tomorrow is both hot and cold shop, then a nice long nap! I am so tired I can barely text at this point, in fact I can't, I thought I had sent a text several hours ago, was annoyed that I had gotten no response and it turns out I had turned off my phone not texted.  What is wrong with my brain?!?!

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  1. maybe your brain is being busy thinking about the delicious tacos that you made?