Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Many hopes that have vanished after the ball." ~ Charles K. Harris

So, Thursday was the same as all the other days last week but finally Friday was different! We had been good kids all week and were allowed to play on Friday during school.  The Art Glass students were away on a field trip so we had the good side all to ourselves and it was glorious!  

We put some colors in the annealer to warm up and made plates! It was a lot of fun to work with just a few people around and get to do whatever we wanted.  It was also nice to do something other then blowing in molds! I made one really great plate in a pretty blue and I don't really remember what else.  I had a few crack when I knocked them off the pipe onto the punty and we aren't exactly sure why.  I am not sure what we are supposed to do this week hopefully not more of these:
 too many thick bowls to count!!

Friday evening there was a party at Kresten and Bjorn's new place.  They live in Kirsten and Anniina's old apartment which is a bit weird.  I keep imagining that Kirsten and Anniina should walk in and noticing the different furniture.  Sadly, they don't but it was a good party all the same.  It is pretty interesting to watch the dynamics of the group changing and evolving as we get to know the new students better.  Which girls are super into which boys and vice/versa, always funny when you can be completely removed from it with a boyfriend back home! Of course there was making out in the bathroom between drunkards and some interesting love triangles.  Also, Kresten has a super sweet and nice girlfriend who came to visit from Denmark named Emma:

Saturday was a hungover breakfast of pancakes at Bjorn and Kresten's with Freda, Sine (two gymnasium girls) and Jonatan.  I forgot how much I love Swedish, or Danish, pancakes! Emma came up with the ultimate topping of Nutella and blackberry jam, so tarty and sweet and delicious!!!  I went swimming at the lake and then finally got ready to go out again.

We had been invited to Kosta to go to a pizzeria there for the Småland's Championship Bulle (bocce ball) Tournament and an Art Glass student's birthday.  We hung out mostly with just Orrefors people, the Kosta students seemed pretty content with their click.  I met some nice people, some students in their second year also and some older students who were just in the Kosta area.  I met one guy who has his own hotshop in Norway called Låvely and worked for a while at Transjö!  I talked to him about wanting to get to know the Transjö people better and maybe even do my practical studies there.  He encouraged me to go to their pub night on Tuesday nights so they could get to know me.  I would have more luck if I could prove that I can fit into their life style he said.  He also said his three years working there were his best 3 years ever.  So, now I have to buck up and go! Hopefully it wont just be a bunch of old men and me... I have 2 days to get some courage and go for it!

While at the pizzeria in Kosta I played Bulle with Joseph, Kim, K-something I can not spell Finnish guy and Bosse!  They have an indoor playing area for the winter! We played 3 games and I won one :) which I am pleased with even though I don't know if it was much to brag about... they were all kind of drunk I think.
 How sweet is that indoor bulle court?!
 Joseph and Kim were demonstrating how its ok for two men to dance together as long as your balls don't touch like this... They are always doing things like this which is pretty hilarious and of course there were lots of "I've never had to keep up 3 balls before" and "your balls are really rusty, must have been a while for you" and "thats what she said...." comments.  Somethings don't change no matter what country you are in.

Also, while at the pizzeria I had an AMAZING plate of food! They had a special which was a plate to Pealla and a beer for 150kr and it was so good!  
 In this GIANT wok sort of thing they cooked rice, chicken, peppers (spicy and sweet), shrimps and mussels.
 On the side you added banana peppers, garlic aoile, cabbage in vinegar, pita bread and some black bean salad.  
Put it all together and you get a plate of amazing food like this!  I could have eaten SEVERAL plates but luckily I only ate once.  I had a hard enough time dancing around after beer and this big plate!  

We danced around some and finally all managed to head back to Orrefors.  It was fun and I imagine it will happen again but hopefully some of those people will come to our parties here in Orrefors.  But! First I have to go to the pub night at Transjö!!  

Sunday was pretty uneventful but super nice weather.  I am babysitting for Sigrid and Vegard... which hardly even counts, the kids will be asleep the whole time.  Vegard has to go pick up Sigrid from a late flight in Kalmar and I am supposed to stay at the house with the sleeping kids.  

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