Monday, September 26, 2011

"Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe! To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true! Sheep be true! Baa-ram-ewe! " ~ Babe

Sorry for the delay... I pretty much suck at the whole blogging thing this year...

So, Tuesday was horrible remember?  Here is what I made:
 This is the plate that made the day not COMPLETE crap... just mostly crap.
Wednesday turned out to be much better! I worked with Joseph and we made things with canes! I don't have any pictures of what I made because I haven't even seen it yet! But the day was much better and I was really happy for a good and fun day.
 On the way to the barn I found this HUGE dandelion:
 I figured it was a good sign, so I made a wish and blewwwwwwwwwwwww!
I took a few tries, it was so big, but hopefully the wish police let it slide.

I ride Wagner that night in a jumping lesson.  He was really good and enjoyed his apples.  I felt a bit bad, he had to be ridden in the very next lesson! I stayed after and watched the video I was supposed to watch which was about position and all in Swedish.  I am not sure how much I understood but it was good to see all the same.  I have now realized that the only time they have their shoulders over their heels is when they are in jump position unlike how I have learned.  Instead they have their legs a bit more forward at the girth and their shoulders very back and upright, much more dressage style of course.
Lets see if I can apply that newly noticed idea to my dressage lessons this week!

On a sad note, the people at the barn had to put Lady down :( I am not exactly sure why... something to do with her feet and pain is all I really got.  But it was a sad day on Wednesday in Nybro... she was such a fun jumper!!

 These next pictures I can't remember if it is Wednesday or Friday... I think Friday.
 But it is really fall here!! The trees keep changing colors and it is getting colder and darker... 
 On the way to the barn I stopped by Martin's little house because he said the sheep were near the house!
 He has been tossing them apples when he sees them so they are getting to know him now and come running and "baa-ing" for their apples! It is SOOOO CUTE!
 We tossed a few apples and then of course I had to climb over the fence and try to feed them from my hand...
 And it worked!!!
 They had black tongues! and the softest noses and TINY teeth!
 Then they got braver and braver...

 and I got a sheep KISS!!!!!!
 They were a little more scared of Martin because he stood up I think but still very friendly.
 I named the pushy-est one Karl.
 Look at that face!
 And as Karl walked away we saw that he was a she... and maybe Karl should be short for something girly!

Then my camera died and I realized I left my charger in America... so no pics for a while.

Thursday I was sick.  I picked up a stomach virus and woke up in the middle of the night sick to my stomach.  So, I spent the day in bed curled up with my computer and slept for hours once I stopped being sick.  I think I got sick at the barn because my teacher, Pia, was out on Friday sick.

Friday I still felt a bit rough so I went with Vegard to Pukeburg where Micke Johansson was blowing for the design students there.  We watched him blow up some big graal pieces and then, AND THEN, I got the second assistant spot for next week!! This week Linea (I don't know how to spell that name) and Josephine were there and next week it will be ME and Josephine! I am very excited to get to watch and work with Micke Johannsson, he is very talented and can blow anything it seems.  Here is his website: I have heard he can be a bit difficult to deal with but I have also heard really great things.  I am very excited, a little nervous and hopefully I can retain all the things I watch!  Also, I am going to try to think of something really tricky to see if he can blow... I think he likes the challenge, so maybe if I say "I bet no one can do...." maybe he will! mwauahaha... maybe.

Friday evening I had another jumping lesson, this time with Posiedon who when he isn't trying to stop at the jumps is running as fast as he can at them... what a weirdo! But it was fun all the same.

Saturday I went with Vegard to Transjo to watch them blowing but NOTHING was happening there.  Pretty damn boring.  I did talk to one of the Masters and asked if they took people for practik (practical studies) there and he said no, not really since they already have two students.  But I was welcome to come and watch and hangout and maybe they would have something I could do, but not enough to keep me busy.  So, I guess I will go and watch a few days when we have that holiday then the other days go visit Rosanne in Oslo or something.  Anyway, bummer about Transjo but oh well.  

Saturday night was big party for Sophie who has turned 20.  There was cake, punch (very strong), games like fishing, paper fortune tellers which actually just made you do something instead of saying the fortune, and chubby bunny, drinking the fastest, lip synching... lots of silly things but it was quit fun.  At one point we needed markers for one of the games and of course later we all just ended up covered in writing.  Luckily, here in Sweden they are nice and don't draw crude things, instead I had hearts all over my arms! 

Today, Sunday, I went to Kalmar and got a camera charger.  It is intense and universal! Then I went to spinning, I am so hard core I went to spinning when I was hungover! I am proud of myself.  It was a bit of a wimpy class but I was still there! Then home where I attempted to make Sam's Chicken Pot Pie from his website (  His version looks much better but I accidentally bought pie crusts already in pans... so mine looks like someone made tiny pot pies and then smashed them into a bigger pan... kind of like a clown made dinner....
 But it tasted good!
Then I picked up Sigrid and Kresten from the train and now I am going to bed so I will be well rested for my week in Pukeburg!  I will try to take lots of pictures!!!

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