Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom." ~ Thomas Carlyle

I am going to go with a solid "AMEN" to that comment.  I am currently in bed... totally exhausted and wishing I was asleep 30 minutes ago and it is only 10 PM.  Today was jam packed full of action!

I went to Pukeberg again from 9-4:something.  Today Josefine (it is really spelled with an "f" apparently) made it and so there was less running around.  We worked in the morning making big lamps, vases, a crazy sculpture that kind of looks like a castle and various other things.  They said today was American day, "the bigger the better" and Micke made some really big things! I didn't sneak any pictures in, for some reason it never seemed like a good time...  I also managed to give everyone a good laugh today by scaring the shit out of myself.  I was standing next to the pipe cooler that shoots out water on the pipe and I put my hand down to lean on the top of it but instead I lean on the lever that turns the water on with my ass against the open part.  Water shoots out (with force) soaks my ass and I jump and yelp! It got everyone laughing for a long time, even the students laughed and I think every time Josefine looked at me afterward she thought of it.  A few minutes later Micke said "You really scared yourself! I am glad you came this week." while still laughing. At least I am good comedic relief :) 

But, here are some pictures of the stuff made yesterday!

OK, this one was made on Monday, I took a picture of Micke making it.
 I still think it is kind of weird and pointless. 
 This was a really cute sketch but the top got a bit messed up because the colors were softer when heated then they thought.  It is very baby cute, does that even make sense?
 This was the huge graal that is supposed to sit in that crazy bowl with the blue rim.  It is too big I think, I never got to see it in the bowl... but it is HUGE... I need to find a size comparison... and it weighs a TON!
 This was the challenging piece due to lack of communication.
 Sadly the face the girl put in looked much better when it was just a graal post and not blown up.  I wonder if she will be able to fix that on her next turn.

After working Josefine and I went to McDonald's for a treat and I got the McFeast... is this something new that has arrived since the last time I went to McD's or is it a Sweden thing?  I think it is Sweden/Scandinavia.  Apparently Josefine is super bummed because in Denmark they toast the bread they use for the burgers but not here! Toasted does sound nice.  Anyway, the McFeast was burger, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and McFeast sauce (aka mayo with some lemon in it)... pretty tasty all in all.  I just learned on Wikipedia that the McFeast was originally a piece of ham with cheese but that went away and now it is as I described in only Scandinavia and only in Sweden is it not served with ketchup.  Who knew?!?!  

I also went to my riding lesson this evening.  It is my second dressage lesson... but luckily I got Hilma, who I am liking more and more. 
 She is pretty cute when you aren't putting the saddle on.  I was trying to get a shot of her in front of this awesome sunset but my camera and I were having a hard time agreeing and she kept moving...
But, my lesson was an hour long dressage lesson with NO STIRRUPS!! And all but about 8 minutes of that lesson were spent trotting continually! I thought I was going to die! Luckily by the end there were a few "good Theresa" comments but during the beginning it was the regular "sit DOWN, check your hands, stretch yourself UP, looong legs, check your hands, come on more leg, more contact, sit DOWN"  It was the first time in a long time I was thinking of so many things I was constantly forgetting one or two.  I was thinking so hard about my position that Hilma would nearly walk and then I could go faster and on contact but then I was leaning forward and sideways and my elbows were sticking out... and for the first time (since I was a kid) I felt like I didn't have long enough legs on a horse! In the end I am even more exhausted, my ass hurts and today I have not one but TWO blisters from my lesson in a very uncomfy spot.  Which is what I usually expect from my dressage lessons.  

Now, I am in bed, happily worn and tuckered out! Hopefully I won't do anything too embarrassing tomorrow at Pukeberg :)

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