Monday, September 12, 2011

"Picasso had his pink period and his blue period. I am in my blonde period right now." ~ Hugh Hefner

Here is the glass that I made on Friday.  It doesn't seem like much but then I reminded myself that half the day was spent in the cold shop!  So, here is an example of the "pig bowl" because the legs look like pig tails:
 The hole you can see through this one is in the top not the bottom I promise!
And here is the kind of weird green colored plate I made.  Vegard started it then had to leave to do something with Stig-Allan so I finished it.  That is not a hole in the middle but a "safety clak" so when I took the punty off I wouldn't break a piece out of the plate, instead out of the safety foot.  Anyway, its pretty big and pretty good, I might have to try to make something cool out of it :)
 I didn't make this but it somehow ended up in this group... glass I suppose is the common theme?  Anyway, I am a sucker for a pretty label.  This vodka was not just "limited edition" and flavored of ginger and apple but it is a pretty painted bottle! There is even pretty painting on the back to see through the vodka when the bottle has been chilled previously! It was delicious.  I mixed it with a little bit of ginger ale and a lime wedge and it was SOOO good! I am glad that my weakness for pretty bottles didn't lead me astray this time!

So, Saturday went something like this:
 Woke up and went to Kalmar with brown hair... ok, kind of light brown hair.
It seems more brown in real life...

 Went to hair dresser where I tried to explain that even though I have a Swedish name I could not describe to her the hair I wanted in Swedish... so, we decided to get started and we built a custom made helmet to keep the aliens from hearing our plans.
 Or maybe it was to better transmit them?  Like I said the communication wasn't the best between the two humans present :)  When we first took off all the crazy foil and etc I had really streaked hair and not so good. So, we did it again.  So, after over 2 hours at the hair place (I felt a bit like a celebrity) I got this hair:
 At first I loved it, then thought it was kind of lame but now I like it more and more.  Also, it seems each day it  is less streaked and more all over which is what I wanted.  Next month I will get more and maybe go slowly blonder and blonder! 

Afterwards I went to Max, got an Original Meal to go and went and sat in the sun across the moat (yes moat!) from the castle! I live in Europe, we have castles :)  It was perfect, light sweater weather and the ducks were quaking and children laughing and there was an old lady coughing constantly.  Very cozy, especially after the old woman left.
 Right after I took this some kids and their dad's started playing frisbee.  Almost enough to get my bio clock ticking... kids and cute dads... but then I got distracted by the ducks!
 Who were under this pier that I sat on.  I don't know why I didn't take any pictures of them.  I even saw swans, but they are kind of scary since they are so big!  
 Here is a view out into the ocean from the Kalmar Castle:
 Pretty castle:

On the way home I stopped by Transjö to see what was going on in that little world.  I talked to one of the apprentices,  I feel bad I don't know his name, different from the one I talked to with Val and Jenny.  He said they hadn't started blowing again (they stop for the summer) because something was wrong with the furnace.  They should start not this week but the next! So, I said I would def come by and watch some :)  It was amazing he remembered me even though I didn't talk to him, maybe they don't have much to talk about there. I don't know, but I am not sure if Martin and I will go pub night tomorrow or not or if I will just go watch the masters blow some in a couple of weeks.  We will see.  Then he embarrassingly called me out for not being able to unlock my car from the driver's side.  I thought it was easier to just climb through then walk around and no one would notice... NOT! I totally got called out : P My wonderful car is a piece of poop! haha!

Then I went home and played with my hair and decided I like it again.  This was decided after a little bit of that amazing vodka... and so I took some better pictures for you!

Sunday, MAMA'S BIRTHDAY! I went to the lake, Orranäsajön, for an end of the season swim.  I figure it pretty much the beginning of fall (the leaves are starting to change) and I better get one last swim in!  By swim I mean I jumped in, came up screaming and swam as fast as I could the 15 feet to the ladder to get out as quickly as possible!  But, it sure looked pretty there!
 Doesn't that water look cold!?  
 The answer is: YES! Freezing!

Then I went home and called Mama for her birthday like a good girl! She is a few weeks into her new gallery and Papa was taking her to a birthday brunch.  I bought her a card... it is still sitting on my table.  It is all written in and the address is on it... I dont know why its still here! Sorry Mama!

I will tell you about today tomorrow.  I am "le tired" and ready for bed and maybe it will be better with pictures!  Anyway, happy Monday! 

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  1. Love the blonde! Gosh I miss you and JD so much, could really use some SBG time with special svea liquor :) glad you are having fun!!