Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?"

As I said on Thursday we made these vases with a blown foot!  They are called "pointy vases" or something I think... maybe I just made that up... you will never know! mauahahaha! Oh god, I am loosing it.
 See blown foot with a turned in lip:
 I think I made 4... thats how many I found on Friday at least.
 They are all very similar... slightly crooked but in general pretty good.
 I think I like this one best... since it really stands out from the others (sarcasm) but really haha.
 In general as a class we made quit a few!

Friday morning I woke up with a killer head ache... It hurt to move my eyes around much less open them.  So, I stayed home in the morning, took a few pain pills and slept.  I went to school after lunch at 11 to the cold shop.  I knew it would be more quit there and if I felt too bad I could leave and not leave anyone stranded without a partner.  I worked on some wine glasses and pig feet bowls which we are going to sell at the Harvest Festival in Öland at the end of the month.  I was very productive which made me feel better and moving around helped too.  Sometimes, if you can do it, the best thing for my headaches is to get my blood flowing... its just super hard to take those first few steps!  After school I rested, ate more pain pills and finally decided that I did want to go the barn... Pia told me hopefully it would be jumping right?  I thought it might make me feel better... I get there and see my name next to Hilma...
 She is small, cute and bites... She is also a faker... I learned this last year because she led me to believe she was young or not very trained... no, she is over 10 and is just a mare... always testing!  I also learned that if you tired to ride her with spurs she would try to buck you off (I watched this happen to someone else)... and on top of all that... DRESSAGE AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! WHY?!??! Kill me now!  But, I pulled myself up by my boot straps so speak and went for it.  I even got the little mare to put her head down on the bit! I also tried to really concentrate on opening up my pelvis area and sit in the saddle.  The good thing was that she is skinnier then Poseidon so my blisters weren't too agitated.  At the end of the lesson Pia said I did really good!!! I was so happy to hear her say it and I felt like I had!  I was sore, my arms ached, back was cramping and my ass hurt but the horse was going around flicking her little toes and her head down, neck rounded and looking pretty damn cute.... you'd never know she bites ;)

I took it easy Friday night and was even in bed by 10:30 I think! I woke up Saturday feeling MUCH better :) I ended up going to Kosta with Sigrid, Vegard and the kids... we walked around the mall, wandered around town, ate at the pizza place and in general just got out of Orrefors for a little while.  The weather was perfect, clear skies, cool air and it really felt like fall.  When I got home I went apple picking with Kresten and picked tons of apples:
 He managed to climb to the top of the tree to get the best ones.  I stopped climbing when I hit my head on a branch so hard that I got a big lump and cut... oops!  That evening I played a few board games and hung out for a while but most importantly... I got to wear my new leather jacket!!!
 It is a funny picture... but I LOVE the jacket! I really want to show it to my dad, he would like it too!
 I also aquired a pair of red wanna be ray bans... Pretty sweet huh? (they are actually Bjorn's and I have to give them back sadly)  That is Bjorn next to me and Phillip the new guy from America, a Swedish hippie, next to him.  We had a small feast of bread with salami cheese on it.  Gotta love the weird cheeses in tubes here!!

Sunday has been a super chill day... I tried to go to the gym but it was closed so I went to the store and got stuff to make chili! Also, we are having a Star Wars Marathon on Bjorn and Krestens... it is super misty and rainy here and a bit cold, so a good day to stay inside watching movies :)
I am excited for school to start back tomorrow! You know you are doing something good when you look forward to the week starting back up :)

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