Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment." ~ Claude Monet

This one might be a little short today because I am super tired! 

So, day two of practik (I don't know if it is with a k or c at the end) at Pukeberg this time ALL ALONE because Josephine was sick.  Needless to say I ran around a lot but it was fun and I was glad to do it.
 The day started by turning on all the machines then sitting on this bench with a cup of coffee while they warmed up.  It is the official Ikea "liar's bench" for old men to sit on and tell their tall tales. Haha pretty funny!
 This is our space ship furnace.  I think it holds 50 liters of glass (around 13 gallons).  
It is Danish and pretty awesome.
 This is our work area in general from the point of the view of the student's observation benches.  The furnace is on the left with an attached glory hole, Glenn's bench is the right and in the middle, far back is Micke's bench and glory hole.
 The morning started by blowing up a bunch of graals the students had decorated.  Here Micke is applying some murrine (small beads with designs in them sort of) to a graal face.  They later added stripes of color in a long swirl and made a pretty cool piece.  
 That piece turned out to be pretty tricky because the student had a hard time communicating what they really wanted the shape to be.  Then it turned out that the shape they wanted was not possible and it got more confusing.  I guess this whole thing is to help teach the students how to communicate with artists/craftsmen but still frustrating all the same.
 I ate lunch outside in the sunshine and then walked around of the beautiful area.
 There was a bike/walking path next to a large stream...
 And I guess this is Puke Mountain... that is what Pukeberg means someone told me.  This is the only thing I have seen that is any taller then flat... it is about as tall as a house... If this is the mountain it is even smaller then anything we call a mountain in the Appalachian Mountains which are pretty small!
 But, it was prefect autumn, sweater weather, blue skies, changing leafs and pretty great!
 After lunch we made more graal blanks for the students.  They have SO many colors to choose from!
 Though sometimes they are still disappointed by the end color result.  Sometimes they put colors together that don't go like white and black so close that the black takes over the white.  Or the grey is just too grey... But it is hard not to be a bit jealous looking at all these colors they get to choose from!

At the end of the day they made a really nice vase which they were then supposed to destroy.  I tried to sneak this picture but got busted and told to "open the door please!" but I wasn't late! I don't think they really care but I was like "eep!"  In the end they didn't destroy it very much, just made some dents in it.
 Here is what got made yesterday!  Except the green bottle, that one disappeared very quickly with it's owner.
 This is graal with a yellow over lay and blue lip wrap.  Today they made a big tear drop vase which is going to sit in the middle of the bowl some how... I don't know but it is big!
 These two in the middle were pieces of colored glass that they rolled the clear onto to get that pattern.  It looks a bit like a science project but I like it.
 This graal turned out really nice.  It looks like a scene from Winnie the Pooh or the silver birches here in the forests.  It is really pretty, well balanced and looks better in real life.
 I took a picture of them making this one yesterday... It is two bottles stuck together.  It is wild looking but pretty cool all the same.  I said it needed a big pink daisy sticking out of the top of it which just made Micke laugh and shake his head... I don't think he approved of the idea. haha
 Then I hurried home to evening class where I worked on finishing some of the pieces we are going to sell this weekend at the Harvest Festival on Orland to raise money for the Venice.  

Then I let myself be convinced to go the gym with Kresten and Bjorn.  I don't know why I went... The only time I sat today was when I ate lunch pretty much and I was dead tired.  But, I did get to see this awesome sunset :) and I feel nice and healthy!
Now I am off to bed early so I will make it through tomorrow at Pukeberg then riding (its dressage this week)!  Tomorrow Josephine should be there so maybe it will be less running around.  I am excited to go back :)

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