Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"I just like to take it as it comes, go where the wind blows me. I'm not going to plan." ~ Matthew McGrory

Today was incredibly windy.  What is even more incredible to me is that supposedly this is left over wind from the hurricane in The States!  I knew wind traveled all the way around the world... but doesn't it get diffused and can you really trace it back to the storm that gathered it all?  It is all very scientific I suppose but it also seems a bit philosophical to me, but maybe I am just in a thoughtful mood.  The autumn is coming, I am dreading the coming snow and though I normally get happy and stomp in piles of leaves I am currently confused by them.  In one way I am happy to be done with the scorching hot summer (but I had left that already when I came here) and it means time is passing and I will sooner be home again.  But it also means time is passing, my time here is numbered and it will soon be freakin' freezing! And now in Sweden we have leftover hurricane wind... wtf?!

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.  ~Elizabeth Lawrence

Yesterday I started with some wineglasses.  It didn't go so hot but I did get to use my new jacks! I love them! I made a few glasses like this but I am not sure how many turned out. 
 Also, I am not entirely sure what you would drink from them... I will have to ask Stig-Allan.

In the afternoon Sigrid, Vegard and I made some half circle bowls.  They are so frustrating because they look so easy but is SO HARD to make them a half circle... mine almost never are... more wonky bowls with pointy bottoms.  Worthless, really since they don't even sit.  So, as you might imagine yesterday this also didn't go so hot.  Here is the only one I made which was worth a damn.  It was hardly even that, but the beginning and the middle where such crap that I was a bit impressed with how it is a bowl and it is sort of round: 
Sigrid said when I finished I could write "Dear Blog, Today Sigrid told me the bowl I made was 'pretty good for being crap!' Hahaha!" With that being said, at this point I would like to thank my wonderful assistants for their constant support and words of inspiration ;) haha.  It's nice to work with people who see the humor in the trials and tribulations of glass... and also constantly make fun of me.  :-P

After school I went to Kalmar, I had to pay for my hair cut since I had forgotten my wallet on Saturday.  I also did a little bit of retail therapy :)  I got a sweet, new leather, brown, biker jacket from H&M.  Some socks with funny skulls on them, a blue shirt and hair band from Indiska, which is sadly going out of business. It is one of my favorite stores, all the stuff is super soft and pretty and neat designs in the fabrics.  Anyway, its leaving Kalmar and I am sad for it.  Then I got a plate of sushi, 12 pieces and ate it all! It was so good and surprisingly spicy (hidden wasabi between the fish and rice, yum) and I was comfortably full for hours!  I looked for this adorable old cafe that I went to last year, its on the second floor of a building and they have THE BEST pie, but I couldn't find it.  I searched and searched... ok I walked down a few blocks but I tried a few doors and couldn't get in any of them.  After a while I was beginning to get concerned someone would call the cops thinking I was a robber or something! Next time I go though I will find the cafe and have wonderful pie! I guess it is incentive to go back again... maybe when I get my hair blonder?  

As one of the things I am supposed to do for the trip to Venice is make some heart necklaces.  I have one, though I can't remember exactly what it looks like, and thought they may sell well at  the fairs we are going to.  The problem is I don't know how to make one... which is a pretty small but significant detail!  With some help from Vegard (who really didn't want to help) I made this... since I have told you it is supposed to be a heart you can tell that's what it is... but I am not sure you could if I hadn't told you before hand.
Stig-Allan gave me a piece of graphite which I will engrave tomorrow to make a small mold for the heart.  Hopefully this will work better.  I want to be able to pour some glass in, flip it out and attach a quick loop on it.  So, cross your fingers please!

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