Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired." ~ Fannie Lou Hamer

Sorry it has been so long again.  Its simple, I suck at this blog thing.  I think it is just because I have been out of practice all summer.  Maybe?  Also, I have been feeling a bit under the weather and trying to sleep as much as possible to avoid getting full on sick.  But, here I am!

Remember on Friday we got to do whatever we wanted?  Well here are two plates that I made with mystery colors! 
This one turned out to a WONDERFUL color! Cobalt Blue we believe: 
 And a kind of pinky purple.  I also like this one but not as much as the blue.  Also I lots a big chunk of the plate when I broke off the punty :(  Maybe I can do some cool sandblasting on it or something?
 Monday we worked on some vases called "baby whale" for some reason.  They are oval shaped with flat sides and a very thick bottom.  They are often used in the cold shop for engraving and cutting.  They are harder then they looked at first but by the end of the day we were able to make them very well I would say:

 And, we started to get bored and make them with different tops.  Vegard made some with a skinny neck/mouth which looked very nice and I made this one... kinda looks like a shark egg:
 We were going to get to make the same whale vases with color on Tuesday but during the night the pot dissolved and all the glass melted out and poured into the basement.  So, no colored baby whales to be made :(  Instead we talked about the trip to Venice in the spring.  How to raise money and organized glass and responsibilities in organizing the trip and etc.

Wednesday, today, was all day in the cold shop day!  I worked more on my Justin vase:
He now has an eye, it is kind of angry looking which I am trying to fix.

Then I carved in the bridle and tried to high light areas like his blaze and the bit.  
I also gave the illusion of shadows by actually polishing the engraved glass.  Pretty cool huh?  I need to work more on his tail and front end but it is starting to look good I think :)
After lunch I did some deep cutting.  I finished this piece and put it in the pile to go to the acid bath which will make is SUPER shiny and nice!! 
Then I started on another crystal bowl.  It was super difficult because of the curves in the glass and I messed it up a little.  So, I went to Stig-Allan for some help and he made it WAY worse! He was like "I think you should just start again, or do whatever you want with it." and I laughed and said "OK, thank you" and he goes "oh, there is nothing to thank for!" and laughed.  So, I practiced some more on the piece and then marked up another one to start over again on Friday! 

Soon I am off to my second Core-Spin class!  I can't decide if I dread it or just don't want to do it because it is exercise.  Last time I enjoyed it mostly so maybe I just dread going to the gym and want to be lazy.  

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