Friday, September 9, 2011

“We shall neither fail nor falter; we shall not weaken or tire...give us the tools and we will finish the job.” Winston Churchill

Last time I left you I was on my way to Core-Spin.  I had a revelation while in the class that I think will make my life much better, as far as spinning goes.  I also had the thought that we should some how harness all the energy created spinning the wheel to power the gym or a small city.  But, back the other realization:  A spin bike (stationary weird bike) is NOT a horse and should not be ridden in the same manner.  I realized that I was peddling with my heels down which is awkward, the other people in the class do not sit with their backs arched... they sit kind of hunched over... also less awkward.  The only thing I have to come to figure out is that the positions are sort of similar: seated 1 position is just like sitting on a horse normally, number 2 is straight up where you should put no weight on your hands, similar to the vertical far (or was it bar?) position on the horse and finally position number 3 where you lean forward, move your hands to the front of the bike and peddle until you want to die is like 2 point on a horse (aka hell for extended periods of time).  So, if I can manage to remember to not put my heels down, not to arch my back and to round my shoulders and to not cram my foot all the way into the foot holder I think things will go much better.  Also, maybe I won't look like such a ninny on the bike.  All the other people look like they are working really hard and I looked like I was riding along in a sundress on the beach! 
Yesterday was a nice relaxing day.  We made more "baby whale" vases all day but with color this time.  And I decided to treat myself to a nice fancy dinner! I cooked a steak and had mushroom risotto with it.  The mushroom risotto was especially good because I sauteed cantrells (delicious wild mushrooms that look like yellow trumpets) in a little white wine and then added lemon juice and fresh thyme! SOOOOO GOOD!!!! 

 You know you are jealous! I added the cherry tomatoes as an after thought to give some thing acidic to eat with the earthy risotto.  I am very proud of myself.
 The only problem would be that I was too lazy to figure out how much dry risotto I needed for one serving and just "eye balled it" and now have enough for a small army! But, I got to eat while enjoying a nice sunset and some candles.  Very romantic, except it was missing Sam so the romance sort of went out the window.

Today, Friday, I got my NEW TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I ordered some last year from Åke (my teacher) who makes them on the side.  He delivered mine and Vegard's tools today :)
 Vegard got the two ones with wood on them for making graals.  I got the 3 in the middle! 
 A pair of grabbing tweezers, straight edge tweezers and small jacks (perfect for wine glasses)!!!!  Sadly, I got them at the end of the morning so I didn't get to try them at all.  But, I did take them to the cold shop and engraved my name into them!! I can't wait to use them Monday!!!!  I have them sitting on my kitchen table so I can admire them regularly :)

These are the "baby whale" vases (flat sided for engraving and cutting into) we made yesterday:
 Pretty aquamarine colored ones:
 and weird yellowy green gross looking ones:

After school I went to Martin's country house for a cup of tea then go to the gym.  He lives in an adorable house built in 1758 he said! I can't believe it but maybe it is because I am from a country where old means over 100 years ago.  Anyway, apparently it was for travelers, farm help, a brothel at one point, some druggies lived in it and now Martin.  I think it is too cute for hookers or druggies:
It has a living area room, tiny kitchen, bathroom so small that you stand over the toilet to shower and a tiny upstairs where you can't even stand, but you can sleep! 
 It sits on top of a little hill surrounded by farm land and wonderful stone walls and SHEEP!!!
They were so cute! I want a sheep for a pet!

Then I went by the barn, learned that I will be riding on Wednesday and Fridays.  Then to the gym where I am sculpting a killer set of shoulders...  They will soon rival this guys:
bahahaha just kidding! 

Spoiler alert: tomorrow something super exciting is going to be happening to my appearance!  And I am very excited!!


  1. nice looking baby whale vases and the shark egg too!

  2. Why are they called baby whale vases? And also, I am very proud of you for your cooking... you have come a long way from canned green beans and corn.... :) MISS YOU TONS!