Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"If you hear the sound of hoofbeats, don't look for zebra!" ~ Unknown

FYI: I thought I posted this on Saturday, sorry for the delay!!! I will post again later tonight about yesterday (Monday) and today!! Sorry again for the goof!

Friday was a pretty good day! It started super early as usual, which is hard, but good, I can cram more things in!  And this Friday was jam packed!

In the morning I worked with Vegard and Sigrid making wine glasses STILL! But, the good thing was that we moved on to adding stems!!! So, now I can make a glass with a cup, stem AND foot!  All THREE!  It was hard, but easier then the foot I think, no new weird tools to use.  We did it so that one person sat on the bench, like me, Vegard blew the glass in the mold, and handed it to me and then Sigrid brought the bits of glass for the stem and foot.  I just plopped a bit of hot glass on the end of the cup, pulled to make a stem then plopped some more for the foot then mashed it with the crazy foot tool and VIOLA!  It was nice to do something a little more exciting then just feet all the time!  I was pretty good at it from some reason, I think beginners luck, so Sigrid saved a bunch of my glasses for me to see on Monday!

In the afternoon I went to the cold shop, and worked on flower cutting.  I like my small glasses but feel like they need something more on them... they aren't very big either.  So, I was thinking maybe they could be whiskey glasses?  Maybe I have already mentioned this... But I am thinking of cutting some wheat/barley on them.  Here is a glass I have practiced on making all different styles of grains.
 It is a little hard to see, but there are all different ones on the cup.
 rounder kernels with straight up pointy bits and bottom leaves,
 The top is a pointy kernel one and the bottom is rounder with sticky-outy pointy bits... that sounded weird.
 And, these two intersecting pointy grained ones...
 Those are them on the right, I think my favorite.
There were loads of options.  But I have decided that I like intersection, pointy grained, bottom leafed and straight up point bits.  I plan to make some of those on my glasses, a little bit of everything I suppose :)

After school I went to the stables for my first ride since I've been back.  I was really hoping for a jumping lesson but sadly it turned out to be the dreaded dressage!  It made me thankful that I took it easy in the cold shop after lunch. I got to ride Lady... I think maybe she remembered me...
 She was grumpy of course, but only a little bit of a bitch and didn't even try to bite me!
And, she even tried to look cute while begging for treats!

It was a super long lesson (ok, 1 hour like normal) but it was EXHAUSTING!  It was also freezing so I had my toe warmers in my shoes (thanks of Jennifer's Christmas present) and my thick gloves on! But is was so hard that I ended up having to take off my gloves because my hands were sweating and within the last 15 minutes of the lesson with no gloves I managed to get blisters on BOTH ring fingers from holding the reins so tightly!  I am super glad that next week will be jumping!!  It is the only time that I hear "Bra Therese" (good Therese, even though my name is TheresA) instead of "fix your hands!" "SIT UP!!!" "no, no, Therese, komma (come) here."  But, I will say Lady was good, and didn't make me kick the whole lesson, just 3/4 of it!

After my lesson I got picked up by Martin, Kresten (the two Danes), Bjorn and Tillie (girl from Australia/Denmark).  We went to Kalmar to get a Max burger and milkshakes!  They love this place because it has vegetarian options and apparently amazing shakes.  I got the Max Original meal and was VERY pleased!!  It also makes it a little better that it is supposed to be pretty healthy stuff going into the whole thing!
 OK, it looks better in real life, Swedish beef, lettuce, tomato, onions and Max sauce and I think cheese!
Martin and Kresten were also very pleased with their meals and Luxury Shakes!

Afterwards we went to a bar and watched Denmark play in the Handball World Cup Semifinal... they won, but Sweden lost.  Now it will be Denmark and France in the final... exciting I suppose if you are Danish or into that sort of thing... I am neither.

Then we went back to Nybro and met a bunch of people from school at this bar/club called Millie's Place.  It was a big place, but not a lot of people and kind of weird music.  We all had a pretty good time since we knew so many people from school but nothing too exciting really.  It was a kind of "this is awkward, I will drink more faster" situation.

Today being Saturday I am spending it in BED! Hooray!  I have no big plans for the rest of the weekend, maybe ski, maybe laze around... who knows.  Probably watch crap tv on the internet :)

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