Thursday, February 17, 2011

"You are a strange and interesting woman." ~ John Cusack in Serendipity

The world has suddenly gotten weirdly smaller.  I bought this 2 days ago for Sam:
It contains many of the classics: Waldon, Civil Disobedience and Walking which he has not read and I thought he might like and enjoy pondering.  I have always loved Thoreau's ideas and values, but not always his long winded-ness, if you know what I mean.  Anyway, I thought Sam might need something to read at work recently.  

Then, day before yesterday I got a comment from a complete stranger on my blog.  This is exciting for 2 reasons: I hardly ever get comments (hint hint) and it was a stranger who mentioned Thoeau!  KatieP said "I was just running a search on the internet trying to find that Jim Gaffigan quote for something I was writing, and I got to looking at your glass blowing work. It is beautiful! I would love to learn to do that, and I'm impressed by your story of taking off to Sweden to learn. It's very Thoreau of you. Way to be." Then she mentioned a passage about families from her church, which I did read, which made me think of Sam, he goes to church and is part of my family... see how things are starting to tie together?

Then I thought to myself "how serendipitous this whole thing is" which reminded me of the movie, Serendipity, with John Cusack in it.  Except I may be using that word wrong... I found this quote from the movie when they are at a coffee shop in NYC:

Jonathan: This is the ultimate blend to drink. How'd you find this place? 

Sara: I first came in because of the name: Serendipity. It's one of my favorite words. 
Jonathan: It is? Why? 
Sara: It's such a nice sounding word for what it means: a fortunate accident.

Hmm, according to maybe I am using sort of correctly... THEN I remembered how Sam's Mom thinks Sam looks like John Cusack... and it gets even weirder!  Or maybe I am just stretching all of these little things into something its not... well, at least not the Thoreau thing! 

Just wanted to point all of that out... I mean who else am I going to tell this weird stuff to?!?
Now back to the regularly scheduled programming... GLASS!!!

Remember the stripes I did yesterday?  Well, if not here it are stripes, three ways!
 Light blue all over with darker blue stripes.
 I like that the stripes are not solid but a condensed line of dots.
 And here are blue stripes with big green blobs underneath.
 I have used this green a lot before and like it with the stripes... very different.
 Look how awesome that is!!!
 Maybe it can be a cool bedside water glass since it is so big?
 Wine glasses with pulled stems!
 No seam at the top!!! I heated the bottom part of the cup and just pulled then added a stem.
 *insert cat call whistle here for those hot legs*

Today I worked in the hot shop in the morning with Vegard where we tried to make long straight legs.  Of course we managed to pick the leg style that is SUPER tricky!  We made a few good ones and saved some, they are nice and tall and much more classic wineglass shape that you are used to.  In the afternoon I worked with Rosanne and we even got a glory hole!  She made some cups with a crackle effect and color and I tried to make brandy glasses with bubbles all over it.  It was super hard and I managed to save one very ugly one.  I am excited to see it tomorrow even if it is ugly.

After school I went to the stables for my late night jumping lesson.  It was super long, cold and I am exhausted.  I will have to tell you about it later.. now I am going to bed.  But first you can see this adorable guy from the barn.  I think I may have been drawn to him because he looks so warm and fuzzy and it was freezing at the stables.
 Look at those eyes... under all that hair!
"Its so fuzzy I could die!!!" ~ Despicable Me

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  1. love those stripes and the fish-net look!!!
    Nice stems too