Monday, February 7, 2011

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything." ~ Tyler, Fight Club

Well, dear friends, Clumsy Theresa has returned.  It is not a pretty sight... I thought that this whole glass thing would be like riding, where somehow I am not super clumsy and actually gracefully accomplish my goal.  OK, minus the broken bones here and there.  I suppose it is like riding, it is everything else, besides being on the horse, that I am still clumsy with.  Like as a kid I would ride well, then promptly get off my pony and walk into something forehead height as hard as possible even though it had been there for years and I had already done this COUNTLESS TIMES!  I have a very strong memory of Pappa shaking his head as I staggered away from bumping into the goose-neck of the horse trailer.

Today, many years later, I may have won the award for the worst burn of the year so far... what a wonderful award!  The good news is that this burn is not to big, just really hot and really burned.  I have had it wrapped up for a while and don't want to unwrap it for a picture... so let me give you a visual aid.  Remember Fight Club?  Remember "The Chemical Burn" where Brad Pitt kisses Edward Norton's hand then pours lye on it causing a gross burn?  

Well, I have something that looks similar on my right index finger.  It fills the space between my first two knuckles and let me tell you, after 6+ hours, still hurts like a bitch!  I was trying to straighten out a glass which had been blown into a form and slipped and slammed my hand into the glass on the pipe.  I yelped, stuck my hand in the closest water around, which turned out to be a bucket of warm water... not helpful... and instantly my skin turned white and started to bubble and do gross stuff.  I ran to cold water, but it also turned out to be the dirtiest water in the factory I think and finally Stig-Allan came to my rescue with a bucket and a chair.  I had to sit for 15 minutes with my hand in ice cold water.  Then we poured this cooling, anti-pain cream on it and that helped for about 10 minutes and we had to unwrap it and add more cream!  I finally got it all wrapped up and had to wear this all white cotton glove on my hand to keep it dry and channel my inner Micheal Jackson.

The truly disappointing thing about this whole horrible adventure was that I came to school today with so much energy, I was bursting at the seams to start working and nail some wine glasses!  Instead I had to spend the day singing Thriller to myself and trying to do this dance:
Oddly not many people recognized my rendition... or my version of the moon walk... Oh well, I had fun.

After school I was getting ready to go the gym and I was in the bathroom.  I had put my sweater on the toilet lid while I washed my face.  When I was done I went to turn off the light, lean down to grab the sweater and walk out the door, all the same time... shouldn't be too hard right?  Well, I somehow managed to slam my FACE into the door frame!  So hard that my nose started to sting and run, I got a little dizzy and I almost started to cry and had to check in the mirror that I wasn't bleeding!  WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! People don't really hit their faces into door jams, that is what they say when they don't want to say they were in a fight.  I mean I have walked my shoulders into countless door jams or cabinets but not MY FACE!!! After that I went to the gym for a while, I got all my exercises done but with no extra energy spent... I guess I had used it all on trying to be Micheal or not accidentally walking into a whole wall!

But!!! GOOD NEWS! I finally got to see some of the glasses that I made last week that were actually good!
 Big ole brandy glass!! I have 3 of those I think.
And,  a little schnapps or dessert wine glass! We worked on more of those today but I didn't make any keepable ones before burning my finger.  Maybe tomorrow!!!

Now I am off to bed to sleep away this clumsy-ness and be able to return to school tomorrow with tons of energy again!  Here's to a reasonably un-painful day tomorrow!!!


  1. T- I have given you an award -go to my blog if you want it.
    Copy the award and paste to your blog.
    Then tell us 7 things about yourself we might not know.
    Then pass the award on to 15 more or less bloggers you read.
    are you in?

  2. I have a cabinet that sticks out over my toilet. Sometimes I forget and leave the cabinet door open. Then I bend to get something out of the cabinet underneath my sink (right next to overhang cabinet and toilet) and stand up quickly and *SMACK* my forehead into the cabinet. I have done this at least 3 times in the past 6 weeks. What is wrooong with me! And it hurts like a bitch and i want to cry, and i even had a little bruise/dent in my head once I hit it so hard. so you are not the only one. hope you feel better! mwa mwa!