Thursday, February 10, 2011

“Though honey is sweet, do not lick it off a briar." ~ Irish saying

This morning in the factory we did assembly wine glasses.  I think all, or most of our teachers have worked in the glass assembly line, so to speak.  They have done factory work, where they have to make 200 some wine glasses in an hour or something insane!  We had 6 people in our assembly working from 3 benches.  It worked like this: 2 people blew the cup (one after the other, not at the same time), handed it off to the next person who put the stem on with an assistant, handed it off to the last person who put the foot on with an assistant and then the original blower picked up the final piece and either kept it or threw it away and started again.  We all rotated positions every 15 minutes which got a little tricky but it was kind of fun.  The best part was by far the blowing of the cups, or at least thats what Vegard and I thought.  He and I were kind of the driving force behind the whole group, everyone else would have been happy to go much slower I think.  It was pretty fun and interesting and a good insight to what life could be like if you have to work at a factory!  Hopefully I can skip that step!  We filled up a whole top of an annealer!  I forgot to take a picture of any of glass today... SORRY!  Just think of all the pictures there will be tomorrow!

After lunch I went to the cold shop.  All that cutting (making the stem and foot on the glasses) started to hurt my burned finger and I was really tired.  I worked on the diamond piece some more.  I have gotten rid of all the marks except ONE! I think that one might require me to put in MORE FACETS! This is going to look like a freakin' Tiffany Diamond when I am done with it!  I am going to talk to Tove about it and see if I can get away with only doing 8 more sides or if I have to do another 16... thats a lot!

After school I attempted to take a nap.  I say attempted because first I was asked by several people when and where I was going with the car tonight and could I do this or that instead and bla bla bla.  I had planned to borrow Martin's car to go the barn tonight for that lesson... this spurred lots of interest, a car going to Nybro!  When I said when I was going (late) and for how long (a few hours) people were less interested but still talking to me... WHY??!?!? I don't want to talk!  Then I took a shower... in luke warm water... stupid student house.  And finally laid down only to hear banging on my door, only Saara (Finish roommate) bangs like that.  I refused to get up since I was laying down and she fiiiiiinally opened the door, only to ask again about the car and this and that and something about cough meds, except in Finish I think coughing is called cah-cah or something.   Probably a lot more vowels and stuff that I am not using properly.  I fell asleep for about 45 minutes only to be woken up by Saara and Joanna arguing in the kitchen.  They are not getting along and cannot communicate with each other at all.  Maybe it is because of Saara's bad english, or the 9 year age difference... but its not going well.  They argued for a long time, and I really couldn't figure out what it was about really.  Uhg, another roommate issue to avoid... I do not want to be stuck in the middle of that one.

I finally left for the barn to ride around 7.  Martin decided that he would go with me, he needed to get groceries and I think was going stir-crazy because he has been sick and not able to get out much for the last few days.  He watched most of my lesson and seemed to enjoy himself besides being cold.  We jumped this combination in the beginning and then finally a kind of jumper course.  They jumps were ranging in height from 2 feet to 3 feet (1 meter).  Lady was very fresh today, meaning she had lots of energy!  I thought it wasn't going so well but Pia said that I do a really good job of handling her strong will and energy.  Martin said I looked like one of the most natural riders out there which was nice to hear.  But I know I ride in a much more fluid way then many of the people here in Sweden.  I don't know if it is better, but I like it better!  Then I got Martin to take some pictures of me and Lady!
 I am feeding her post lesson treats.

And now for something completely different:  Have you guys heard of using honey for infections? I am worried about my burn on my finger a little bit and someone suggested putting honey on it so it wouldn't hurt.  I have read that you can use it, apparently it is good for staph infections, but does just plain old grocery store honey work?  I have some antibiotic cream now that I think of it... somewhere.  I think I will just use that... unless you think the honey is better.  Thoughts?

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