Sunday, February 6, 2011

"If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?" ~Steven Wright

Yesterday was a very nice day of relaxing and swimming!  And my hair looked great!

We went to the Kosta Art (I keep thinking glass, but no) Hotel to use their spa/pool area for the day.  It was very decadent feeling :)  We left around 1 with Martin, Kresten, Morton (all Danes oddly), Bjorn and I from Orrefors.  We were supposed to meet Maja and Tillie there since they were coming from Nybro.

We arrived and found out that the outdoor pools were not open until 5 pm! Which we thought was weird and were kind of disappointed.  We started out in the big indoor pool which was VERY nice!
 The water is level with the ground which gives the super cool illusion of the pillars going straight into the water!
 There is changable glass boxes in the bottom of the pool holding cool pieces of Kjell Ingman's work.
 There was a cool waterfall with (glass) fish in it!
We also enjoyed the indoor hot tubs (there were 2 very nice ones).  One in the upper left corner of the above picture and one in the VIP room:

We also lounged around in big fluffy robes eating fruit:

 And the guys enjoyed the sauna and steam baths.  I am not too into the heat so I stayed out.

We finally got to go outside to that pool and hot tub:
 Day time shot of the big pool ^
And this is what it looked like when we finally got to go out!  Yes, that is snow off to the side.  The pool was heated, but only to the point of keeping it from freezing... IT WAS SOOOO COLD! I only saw people stay in it long enough to go once around the little island, I was out in about 3 seconds of getting in it, screaming the entire time.  I didn't get any pictures of the outdoor hot tub.  That was the best one, it could hold maybe 10 people and was SUPER hot and the air was so cold, it was great!  We sat with some people celebrating their silver anniversary who were drinking champagne making us very jealous.  I am a sucker for people celebrating wedding anniversaries, they always look so happy and cute and in love :)

Then we went and got some pizza in town and had a wonderful pizza buffet! They had tuna pizza, mussels & shrimps, curry banana, veggie, ham, chicken, well, everything really!  It was all super good and we all ate WAY too much pizza, but after swimming all day it is hard not to eat a ton of food!

Then it was back to the glass bar.  It is most spectacular at night and we all sat around and enjoyed cocktails and coffees!  These wonderful bottles sat on the tables.

 This is the Blue Glass Bar Signature drink and a mojito.
 Maja and Tillie
 Martin and Morton with the glass bar above/behind them
 mmmm! delicious!
 Bjorn's Signature drink matched the bar perfectly!  Morton lit it up with his phone from the bottom
And then, Morton had to get one of his own! It was SUPER good and we plan to try to recreate it in Orrefors next weekend.  I got to eat the raspberries on the top because he didn't like the seeds or something :)

Finally, after a LONG day we arrived back in Orrefors around 10 pm where I promptly fell asleep and soundly slept alllllll night!  Well, except for when I woke up to call Sam "before I went to bed" haha.  

Today I didn't do much, had a walk with Rosanne, coffee at her place and then home to make meatloaf and talk to my besties: Val and Jenny!  My week of no boring tomato sauce and pasta has gone well and I plan to try to continue it for a while.  Who knows how long I can go?!?! Probably not much longer... I am running out of ideas.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!

OH! Spring appears to be on its way here! I saw ducks in the lake! It is finally thawing enough that they can swim in it and not just walk around on top of it! Also, the snow is melting, to ice, and it snows more most mornings, but it gets above freezing for a while most days!  Very exciting... SOON SPRING!!!!

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  1. ok I want to go to that spa RIGHT NOW. It was great talking to you as always, miss you! Mwa mwa!