Sunday, February 20, 2011

"You sure this is the right blind voodoo lady who lives in the boat in the tree in the bayou? " ~ The Princess and The Frog, Disney

Valerie: Spoiler ALERT!!! Don't look at this if you don't want to see what happens to your Valentine's Frog/Prince!!!

Remember my V-day present from Jenny?  Well here it is... the Frog that turns into a Prince! Just add water, no kissing necessary!
 "its not easy being green"
 Added water...
 Now we have an albino frog... can you see the green stuck in his belly button?!?
 Slowly starting to bubble... toil and trouble... haha just kidding but it does look a bit like Nessy from Scotland!
 Then I got bored because there wasn't much bubbly action so I shook him... so all the water turned green, AND he started to bubble more!
 He had a hole in his side... lots of bubbles coming from there!!
 Then a few hours later... yes the package said minutes but it took HOURS... he broke in half!
 And you barely make out the little prince inside!
 The rest of the frog floated to the top in a gross white mushy way.
 And it bubbled for a few more hours...
 and hours...
 All that is left is the froggy feet it appears... maybe he will be a good swimmer?
 I decided that he was done... he looked a bit like King Triton and I figured that the mer-King was good enough for me.
 I dumped out all the green water and was left with this guy.  I am not going to lie he still looks a bit like a frog in the face... or a bull dog.  But the good thing is he is no longer green or slimy looking.  BUT TINY!
 The package then said to refill with clean water and wait 72 hours... after some math I figured that was a few days so I waited and waited and waited and then we got this:
 No wait, I think that was just a few minutes later... A few DAYS later he looked like this:
Bubbly and bigger!  I have now dumped out the water and he is sitting next to my bed drying... we will see what he looks like then!  I was telling Jenny about the prince and said "I was expecting the Prince to be bigger!" to which she, so cunningly, replied "thats what she said!!!" hahahahaha we are hilarious!

In case you haven't noticed there isn't a lot to do around here in Orrefors.  Also, if you are in the mood for a good movie I suggest:
The Princess and the Frog Poster
It is good in many ways, 1.  Who doesn't love Disney?  2.  It is set in New Orleans!  3.  talking animals, enough said.

Or if you are older than 10... and not a little girl... nothing wrong with either of those things... There is this movie:
Ondine Poster
Ondine was recommened to me by Jenny and I have to say it was GREAT! I just watched it today and really enjoyed it! Also good for several reasons: 1.  Colin Farrell has long hair and an Irish accent.  2.  Fairy tale set to real life.  3.  Good music... I can't tell you more but believe me!  4.  I am not the dude on Reading Rainbow so unless you do watch it, or know someone else who has, you do have to take my word for it!


  1. Cute- but not quite as chamming as I thought he would be.

  2. He looks kind of like shrek somehow, maybe it was the swedish water that made him evolve slowly

  3. I did my frog today! he is still tiny (that's what she said) but growing! (hehehe) gosh get your mind out of the gutter! Anyway, he cracked in half too, but it happened pretty quickly. I had to leave for work before frog was done bubbling, but by the time i got back he was a tiny prince! Now there are still bits of frogginess clinging to the prince, and he hasn't grown much... but it hasn't even been a day yet! we shall see... miss you!!