Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"I just use my muscles as a conversation piece, like someone walking a cheetah down 42nd Street." ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Well, Jillian Michaels is kicking my ass!  All day I hobbled around the hot shop... cringing every time I had to stand up or sit down. It wasn't pretty.  Once I got moving it was OK, but the starting or stopping was bad news.  Don't worry, I did my Shred workout anyway today!  I moaned through the lunges and all sorts of other things.  I used some Fanta bottles for my weights today... I had no idea how much they weigh but after some google research it seems they only weigh about 1, yes, ONE pound each! So, I guess I need to drink them and find something heavier to fill them with... like rocks?  But, I am going to see if my arms are sore tomorrow from 1 pound... maybe I should start with that small of a weight?  I was surprised that my thighs are the most sore out of everything, but maybe it is because I didn't have weights... Anyway, day 2: CHECK!

I got up super early this morning and went to the cold shop early to talk to Rebecca and Tove about my Tiffany style piece I am going to do.  I think I am going to work on it Thursday, maybe all day, maybe just the afternoon, I haven't decided yet.  I am super excited., hopefully it will look as cool as I think it will!  

Then I went to the factory where Vegard and I watched the Masters blowing some huge ugly head things while drinking coffee before the hot shop was full of people.  Then we tried to make champagne glasses all morning.  The long, skinny, modern champagne glasses.  It was super hard to get them long and cool looking and not just weird.  It was also hard but the longer the glass is the further away the stem is from you when you are working and then the foot is even further away! Makes it tricky to find the center of pieces and not make it all crooked by mistake!  I am not sure how many survived.  We had a minor catastrophe in the annealer where one glass fell over, smashed into other glasses and knocked a bunch of stuff over... it looked like a mess, but maybe a few survived!

In the afternoon we got Micke to show us how to do a GRAAL!!!!! He gave some written instructions to have since it is a million steps:
 They also explained the nifty new tools we use:
Micke made us practice first in clear so we could see what we were doing with the glass and be able to judge heat and thickness and stuff like that.  I made two successful, but small, blanks in the afternoon! A blank is what you carve your design into before you reheat it and blow it out to be an actual usable piece.  We went back and forth where I was the gaffer (blower in charge) and Vegard was the assistant and vice versa which helped us practice all the different aspects as well as gave us a bit of a break because it was super hot working on the blank!  We are going to try again some more tomorrow, hopefully get to use some colors!

Here are some pictures of the glass from yesterday:
 I am not sure why they are slightly out of focus... I blame it on the weird lighting.  But, I found a matchbox!
Look at those straight legs!
 The dark piece is actually really dark pink/purple.  It was a complete mess when I made it so it might go in the trash... it is very crooked and not even when you look at it closely.
Just in case you wanted to see what it looked like from the top.  They are sitting on top of a big marver table which we use when we do the graals.  Very shiny and smooth :)

After school I needed to go the grocery and I decided that since it wasn't snowing for once I would walk the long way home and I hoped it would help my super sore legs.
 The fresh snow was so pretty! 
 It had been pouring snow all day so everything was very crunchy and crisp.
 The big river through Orrefors was still flowing but the pond was pretty frozen.
 I like this shot because you can see the snow on top of the ice formed on the side of the river.  You can see where the river was higher and formed one layer of ice then went down and formed another.
Just looking at those pictures make me chilly! I can't believe how people swim in waters like that!! I went home and put on a pot of coffee and sat next to my space heater after my walk :)

Now I am off to bed, hopefully tomorrow I will be less sore from The Shred but I doubt it.  I can't believe it is only Tuesday! I feel like I have done so much already this week which is great!

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