Wednesday, February 23, 2011

“Blessed are the forgetful; for they get the better even of their blunders” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Damn Jillian! I haven't been this sore since I was riding like 10 horses a day! One summer I was helping my trainer who had broken his jaw (bicycle accident) by riding his horses for him... the first week was KILLER!  I got over it and I will get over this too! Day 3 of The Shred: check!  Maybe tomorrow I won't have to hold onto the handicap bar when I sit down on the toilet each time!  

There are no pictures today because Micke forgot to turn off the annealer last night and this morning all the glass was still blazing hot and we couldn't take it out.  So, tomorrow there will be LOTS of pictures of the same thing... clear graal blanks.  Sound exciting?  Yeah, I am not that excited either but the good thing about tomorrow is that Vegard and I get to use some colors and make exciting graal blanks!

We worked all day on clear ones, making sure we didn't get bubbles between the layers and getting the right shape and size... We finally decided after lunch to try doing it in color! We got a pinkish transparent color and tried to put a purpley/grey color over it.  But I messed it all up and smooshed it so much that is was unusable... or salvageable for that matter.  So we got the teachers to give us a demo on how to do it properly with color, turns out there weren't really any good colors to use in the annealer so they had to go find new colors and warm then and after all that was said and done we only had time for the demo before the end of the day.  But, tomorrow Vegard and I will start with red and white colors to make wonderful graal blanks! Now that I know what colors we are using I have started to make sketches of what I can carve into the blank before we blow it out again!  I sat around for a long time this afternoon sketching, well, procrastinating on The Shred, but still, it was productive sketching!

In the afternoon tomorrow I am going to go to the cold shop to start up my Tiffany style piece! I will take lots of pictures I promise! Then the late night jumping lesson at the stables. That is if I can drag my sore ass up into the saddle... uhg!  Now off to bed so hopefully I can get up at a reasonable time tomorrow and not 5 seconds before I have to be at school.  This morning it was a FRIGID -20C (-4F) here!!! This is what I picture Mother Nature looking like these days:
Yes, made of snow, blowing in your face and with a beard.

PS: If you are bored Google image search "ice sculpture" and you will see some amazing things and some pretty funny ones also.

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