Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Would you like fries with that?" ~ McDonalds

Well, today has been pretty much normal... nothing too unusual has happened.  I was in a very good mood, maybe because yesterday was V-day and I feel super loved or because I talked to my parents for nearly 2 hours or because I slept pretty well for the first time in a while.  Probably everything combined, thought it feels like Thursday and not Tuesday!  

Here is a picture of one of the glasses we worked on yesterday... I know it looks just like a picture from last week but I promise it is a new picture, we are just working on the same thing stilllllllllllllll:
In the morning we got told we were going to make candle stick holders!  We would blow the top part (where the candle goes) in a mold, then make a stem that looks like balls and then a foot just like a wineglass.  There were so many of us today that they let 2 of us not work in the production line manner.  Vegard and I instantly jumped at the chance to work in a smaller group! We could actually get something done, practice more and not be bored waiting for other people most of the time!  It was super hard to blow the little top part for some reason and the new stem shape was tricky.  My balls never ended up straight (thats what he said) and generally were not the same size.  I am sure there will be more practice on this tomorrow.  But here is one still on the pipe (the pipe would be the top, where the candle will go one day):
I tried to save it but it broke weird when I was trying to get it off the pipe.  But I did save one really good one, I even convinced Vegard to save one but something happened and it didn't end up in the annealer.  I finally convinced him to keep it by saying "you can just throw it away later!"  Rosanne said it was pretty lame working in the production line, people were pretty slow and lazy and some were just plain bad at it.  I think it gives Rosanne a bit of an ego boost working with people other then Vegard and I since the two of us are better then her.  

In the afternoon Maja and I didn't get a glory hole so we worked on more stems.  We used a big glass for the cup to take a break from the super difficult candle holder.  I made a cool one I think, I saved it at least so we can see how cool it is tomorrow.  We also made some more roses, in clear but roses.  I made one with a long stem (fancy)!

After school Rosanne and I went to the drug store (Apotek) looking for some aloe cream or vitamin E cream for my burn.  I had the teachers look at it yesterday and they said they thought it was healing up well.  It is just going to take some time since it so deep.  It has been determined to be a real 3rd degree burn (where it damages all 3 layers of skin tissue) which kind of sucks.  I can now stop putting burn cream on it and try something to help with the scarring.  I don't want a huge scar on my hand and with it being on my finger the skin is constantly stretched and pulled when I use my finger.  They didn't have much at the drug store so we went to a Life store (kind of like a health store, with vitamins and herbal stuff) but it was closed.  I will try again on Thursday!  Hopefully I can find something there without my personal translator (Rosanne) to help me.

Then we went to the gym, randomly decided to go to a Medel class and then worked out a little too! Rosanne can't do a push up!  I can do a few, not a million but enough... I was surprised!  Afterwards we went to the grocery where I wanted to buy EVERYTHING because I was hungry.  I should know not to go to the store when I am hungry, but it always happens.  Luckily, I didn't buy the pink donuts, which were on sale, because then Rosanne and I decided to go to McD's!  It was Rosanne's first drive thru experience being the driver!   She did very well and even has an "ordering voice" like me!  Sam has always pointed out that when I order food at a drive thru I get all squeaky and weird sounding... I am just trying to be loud and polite, but apparently it is weird.  Rosanne also sounds different!  That made me feel a little bit better.  I had some fries but that is it! I was so proud of myself for not ordering a giant meal and milk shake and extra fries and coffee and everything on the menu!  

Now I am off to shower, wait for my laundry to finish and have my evening chat with Sam!  It has been a very productive day... gym, grocery, laundry and good mood!!! 

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