Saturday, February 5, 2011

"A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache." ~ Catherine the Great

Friday I woke with a killer migraine, the kind where it hurts to move your eyes around in your head.  I laid in bed, contemplated going to school and when I remembered that I either had to look into a glowing sun (I mean furnace) all day or sit in the cold shop with super loud machines I decided I would not be able to make it.  I called and told Stig-Allan what was up with me, to which he replied "oh shit!  I hope you feel better and have a good weekend" and then just hung up!  I laid in bed for hours and hours and at lunch Rosanne came and made me eat some food.  She literally brought me sandwiches in bed! What a great friend huh?!  

By 4pm I was feeling much better, maybe due to the time passing, 15 hours of sleep, or mountain of pills I took.  I decided I could go to the barn to ride.  It was a jumping lesson after all! I couldn't suffer through 2 weeks of dressage with no jumping in between!  Also, having been jumping since I was a small child it is something I can do even under less then optimal conditions.  I was super glad I did go because I got to ride Poseidon!!!  He was being adorable as usual and was great fun to ride.  
 Look at that giant head! My Swedish Gentle Giant!!! haha
 He and VAAAAgner were both begging for apples :) don't worry, I shared!

We did this really tight course in the lesson.  I guess when I get back to The States I shouldn't be intimidated by jumper courses and their tight turns any more!  Here is a picture of the ring with the jumps down for the tiny pony lesson after ours.

Here is a sketch of the course for those of you interested, it was tough!  I was the only one to get my horse over all the jumps on our first try! Sure, Poseidon had to trot over the in-and-out the first time but he made it! Also, I was one of 3 out of 6 that didn't fall off!  Maybe it is good that all these people wear the safety vests!
It stared with a cantering in one stride (top middle #1 and 2), tight as you could turn to the left, diagonal through the in-and-out and over 3, about four strides to an oxer at 4, super tight roll-back to 5, left turn diagonal through the in-and-out over 6, four strides to an oxer at 7 and then roll back to a scary painted 8.  We didn't get the jumps very high, about 2'9" (under 1 meter) but it was still a challenge and really fun!  It made me miss Justin, I think he would enjoyed it also, turn and jump, turn and jump were always his fave.

After riding I went to Rosanne's where we ate some dinner and hung-out for a long time.  We were being anti-social as there were a least 2 other places were lots of people were together.  That is OK though, today I am going to the Kosta Glass Hotel to swim in their pools (!!) and hangout with people from school!  I can't wait, but am not totally sure what to expect... just fun and games or will people be getting massages and such?  Oh well, I am excited all the same, then pizza in Kosta :)  Sounds like a great Saturday to me, only made better if Sam could be here too for a relaxing pool day!

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  1. sounds like a great Sunday to me too...
    glad the jumping lesson was good and that you stayed on
    Justin has been a good teacher in that