Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Today being Thursday I decided it was going to be a girly day...  I am supposed to condition my dyed hair once a week with this stuff from the box.  That day is today... so in addition to the conditioning I am painting my nails, drinking some red wine, watching Pride & Prejudice (BBC) and eating some chocolate!  Haha, sounds like a good Thursday huh?!  Bet you are jealous ;)  

This morning at school I just had one of those days.  Things were going well, but I also kept f-ing up in one way or another... most of which ended up with me burning myself.  I haven't hurt myself once since coming back from The States... now I have burned myself THREE times!  First, I woke up at normal time, hit the snooze button and woke up 30 minutes later... turns out I missed the snooze and hit OK.  So, I ran to school with no breakfast and just my vitamin on an empty stomach... don't do that, by the way, feels really weird.  I was trying to put on a foot on a wine glass and then dropped a bit of glass right in the middle of the back of my right hand.  Ouch 1.  Then I was knocking some glass off my pipe and a hot piece bounced back, hit me in the lip then fell down my shirt!!! It burned the top of my chest and then got stuck in my bra... very embarrassing!  #2.  Then, some how or another, I can't remember now, I managed to burn my left fore arm. And, we have #3.  Luckily all of these are small blisters but suck all the same.  So, I decided to go to the cold shop for the rest of the day!

In the cold shop I worked on the glasses I had saved from the previous days.  These three from yesterday:
 These are a little taller and bigger then the ones from the day before.
 And, very straight!
Look at those perfect feet!! I complemented on how nice they were today!  :)
And the ones from the day before.  I popped off their tops, grinded them down and made them look like normal cups.  They are small for wine glasses so I was trying to think of something else you could use them for... schnapps, whiskey, Jameson?  Rebecca suggested that I make a small decanter that matches them and then they can be one person wine glasses.  I don't know about that... I like to drink with people... or at least chocolate!  I looked up some pictures of barley to make do some flower cutting on them to make them more whiskey cup looking... maybe?  They look kind of boring like they are I think.  We will see tomorrow!!

After school I decided to take advantage of the fact that it was a clear day (the first since I have been back) and go for a walk!  The only problem with clear skies is that they equal COLD days and nights!  I bundled up and went for a walk into the woods to scout out potential skiing for the weekend.  It was a beautiful walk and I saw MOOSE TRACKS!!!!!!!!!! It was almost as exciting as seeing a moose... almost.
 The start of the walk.
 How cute is this?!?! There is even smoke in the chimney!!!

 The climbing rocks are totally covered!
 In some places where the snow was untouched I could walk on top of it!  There is a layer of ice in there that is quite hard and makes it a little easier to walk... until you fall through and are up to your knees in snow!
 At first I thought maybe they weren't, but what else could be that big?  My foot is in the snow next to it, no optical illusion making them seem bigger!
 Here the moose appeared to have a spaz attack and that got me thinking, how do the moose run through the trees without knocking their antlers into everything?!?!?

 There were even moose tracks on this tiny trail.  A few places the tracks were crossed with other animal tracks like fox or something very cute looking.
 And, these are either baby moose or deer I guess... who knows, but they are smaller then the big moose tracks.
The end of the walked was at Tempo, the grocery, which isn't so exciting but the sky was a beautiful purple/blue! I stood outside and watched it slowly turn to all dark blue as the sun quickly went away at about 4:15 PM.

Tomorrow is an early day so I am trying to get to bed early.  I plan to go to the hot shop in the morning and then the cold shop in the afternoon.  Then to my first riding lesson since coming back!  Hopefully I will be less sore from the gym tomorrow during my lesson.  I am keeping my fingers crossed it is a jumping lesson!


  1. I love the wine glasses! i can't wait to come visit you... and also... i really want to see a moose. :)

  2. nice moose prints!!!
    The glasses are even better, how about dessert wine in them??