Wednesday, January 19, 2011

“There is nothing like returning to a place that reminds unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” ~ Nelson Mandela


I have officially returned to Orrefors, gone back to school and am a full blown glass blowin' student again!  I am not going to lie, I never do to you guys, I am slightly exhausted and easily confused still.  I think this jet lag will just take a day or two to kick but in the mean time I am "le TIRED"!  I will resume posting regularly again I promise :)

Today, with my first steps out the front door on the way to class I slipped and fell on the ice... all I could think was "thank you Sweden, nice to see you too" as I slid towards the none icy area on my sore ass to try to get up again.  The snow has melted a lot and now is a mix of mush, brown grossness and ice... not so fun, but not so cold thank goodness!!  I am pleased to announce that we are starting wine glasses at school! But, more on that later... I forgot to bring my camera to school today anyway.

I think I last left you when I was about to go back to NC to see my parents and sister but was trapped in VA due to snow/ice.  Well, I finally made it! I got to my parents, Sam followed the next day and we spent a few days in Southern Pines spending time with my parents and little sister.  I also harassed the puppy Julia:

got a new pair of shoes:

did some glass blowing with my Dad, Mom and Sam in Star:

re-tiled the bathroom floor:
 me to Sam "When we have our own house we will be pros at this!"
Sam to me "we will pay some else to do this!"
 someone was a perfectionist and even broke tiles to fit perfectly into smaller spaces... it was impressive!
(that was Sam, not me, being a perfectionist and trying not to get his fingers dirty here)  

harassed the puppy some more:
 She has her hair all brushed out... that is why she looks a little extra crazy... and the flash makes everyone look a little crazy honestly.  But, here she looks like her truly adorable self:

then got AMAZINGLY sick.  
Didn't see that coming did you?  haha, me either!
I had been congested for a few days then all of a sudden I was super sick, felt awful, ear aches, sneezing and bright red nose... the usual horrors.  But, the real travesty was that I had to cancel seeing one of my best friends!  I was supposed to see Carrie (we have been friends since elementary school) and go to this great Thai place... I even had a Christmas present for her! I couldn't go, instead slept for about 15 hours the went to the Urgent Care, got drugs and tried to recover before I had to fly back to Sweden.  I am feeling much better now :)  This sickness also didn't allow me to finish the bathroom floor! Sam and I got all the tiles down but didn't get the grout (stuff between the tiles) down.  Oh well, I got better and thanks to a very patient and wonderful boyfriend was entertained the entire time I was sickly, he even went to get me a movie and some food with my little sister driving him.

On Sunday Sam and I went to Raleigh to spend the night before I was to fly out the next day.  We stayed at this nice hotel near the airport and at my request Sam hunted down a "real deal" Mexican restaurant.  He found a place called Los Cuates on Yelp and we enjoyed some delicious salsas:
 tacos (fish, with on rouge shrimpy, on left and shrimp on right):
and a mediocre burrito... it doesn't get a picture...  just TONS of ground meat in a soft taco.

We then spent the rest of time talking about life, watching bad movies and in general saying how much we would miss the other, how much we love each other and all that sappy stuff.  I know, I don't generally get sappy on here, but sometimes it is hard when Sam is so wonderful to me.  He supports me going to Sweden to learn this, puts up with my leaving for months at a time, and even talks about our future together on a regular basis.  

He took me to the airport on Monday and luckily decided that he would wait with me to get my ticket and check my bag!  I thought I was flying with Continental, maybe United... but they merged right?  So, I went to Continental's desk... they had no record of my return trip, so after looking up the confirmation email on Sam's phone I knew I was flying with Scandinavian Air (SAS) but my first flight was carried through United.  There wasn't a check in desk for SAS so I went to the United one, couldn't get a ticket there either at first and after a while finally got one printed.  Sadly, my bag was like 8lbs over the weight limit.  After learning that the fee was two HUNDRED dollars I decided to do some reshuffling with Sam's help.  I ended up getting it down to the right weight by carrying a bag of dirty laundry in my hiking bag... all I could think was "great, now if they loose my luggage all I will have is my dirty laundry with me!"  I left Sam at the security check after lots of hugs and kisses.  I will admit my eyes were stinging a little as I got in line at security check (cue the "awwwws").  

I had an uneventful trip really... well, I did almost miss my international flight because I am an idiot and can't tell time.  I lucked out and didn't have anyone sitting next to me on the long flight and slept some.  I woke up even more congested then I left and experienced the most painful headache while landing.  I had tears in my eyes for about 15 minutes while we slowly landed and invisible knives were slowly rammed into my head between my eyes and through my ears.  Then we landed and I was fine!  After about 18 hours of traveling I made it to Orrefors!!

PS: If you didn't get the "le tired" reference check out this video, short and HILARIOUS:

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