Monday, January 24, 2011

"As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow." A. C. Benson

I was sitting here enjoying Pandora Radio... but my internet is too slow! It is running at a whopping 21 whatchamadoodles/somethings... not good.  I even just figured out how to get around the fact that you are only supposed to listen to Pandora in the US!  Stupid slow internet.  Oh well, this is why I have iTunes!

Today at school we have been doing more of the same, wine glass feet.  Not so exciting... I think everyone was a little off today, but for some that still meant doing really well.  I was not one of those today... I was in the group that really wasn't doing so well.  I made a few good ones and few truly horrible ones.  Apparently this is to be expected and everyone in the school has struggled with this, some of have won the battle of the feet but many have given up I have heard.  I plan to win in the next day or so!  

Another annoying thing about this exceptionally slow internet is that it will take me HOURS to post any pictures.  Which, though I love you guys very much, I will not spend my time doing.  The pictures aren't really that exciting anyway... if that makes you feel any better.
If not, I have this:
The Far Side by Gary Larson

PS: I still haven't found the calendar... but I have re-found that push pin a MILLION times! wtf!

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