Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"How do you like them apples?" ~ Goodwill Hunting

First, sorry for the spazzy-ness of the font on the last post... it all looked the same before I hit the post button but now looking back... CHAAAAOS! Sorry!  I will try to do better in the future :)

On another note, I am still doing well with the resolutions... yes, it has been one day, but it is a day by day sort of process.  I will happily check off all three resolutions!

Today, I worked in the hot shop all day.  First in the morning with Maja, we made more wine glass feet.  Then we did some handles because she was getting bored with feet.  Then in the afternoon I started out working with Malin, but she had leave half way through and then I got assisted by Åke and Stig-Allan.  It was hard being assisted by the teachers, I knew they were giving me the perfect glasses and bits and if I messed it up it was ALL my fault!  Oh well, I got a few really nice ones out and Stig-Allan said he could tell I was starting to get the "feeling of it" which was good to hear!  

After school I had an in depth conversation about life, the near and far future and I am so thankful that we can have those types of conversations.  I believe that we are both being truthful and not trying to play any sort of you "of course I support you" but secretly feeling "hell no!" games.  Which I think is fairly uncommon when it comes to relationships.  So, we are lucky.  But, it did get me thinking that I need to start trying to plan my summer and not let any opportunities pass me by!   

Then, I went to the gym where I did my first official class since becoming a member!  I did a class called "Medel" which I had no idea what to expect from the name.  It turns out it was a sort of middle (imagine that... medel=middle) fitness class.  It had a TON of cardio and a lot of muscle training where you just use your body, no weights or anything.  There was lots of skipping (kind of weird), running in place and around the room, push ups and some arm twirling (also kind of weird).  It was good for the most part.  I think that I will go again, I was tired and sweaty but filled with energy when it was over, so I think that is a good sign.  This girl from my school was also in the class which I didn't expect so that made it much more nice to have some company!

But, here is the exciting part:  Here are my pictures from yesterday's glass!!!!
 Little schnapps glasses!
 Just like the picture I showed you yesterday! 
TAAAAA-DAAAA! Look how straight and round (that is confusing) those bottoms are!!!!!

Now, off to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow!!
PS: I thought of a 4th resolution, but I forgot it again... crap.

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