Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Resolutions are popular because everyone feels they could use a little improvement." Marilu Henner

Or this would also be a good title... but didn't win out because it was too long:

"Dieting on New Year's Day isn't a good idea as you can't eat rationally but really need to be free to consume whatever is necessary, moment by moment, in order to ease your hangover. I think it would be much more sensible if resolutions began generally on January the second." 
Helen Fielding  (in case you didn't know, i LURVE Bridget Jones)

Well, I have my own New Year's Resolutions!
1.  Continue at gym regularly, or exercise outside if possible.
2.  Cook and eat more healthy, and something besides spaghetti.
3.  Take my vitamin EVERYday.

Not very exciting I know, but I am already in Sweden, blowing glass, what more excitement do I need?  Today I did very well on my non-exciting resolutions! I took my vitamin (I have everyday since coming back to Sweden except Saturday), went to the gym and cooked this delish meal:

It is chicken, pasta and some red sauce made of salsa, tomatoes and red wine.  It is inspired by one of my favorite recipe people, Pioneer Woman and she has something called Pantry Pasta for Two (I just typed pantie pasta! hahaha maybe that is what I will call mine).  Hers has white wine and olives in it... I am not a big olive person and had a box of red wine... so I winged it... even though her recipes are always so good. Luckily, it turned out really well! At first I was eating and was like "whoooo, this Swedish salsa is spicy!" then remembered that when I added some hot sauce I accidentally added A TON because the top came off.  It was like a cartoon!  But it was totally edible and very good :)  and NOT SPAGHETTI!

Today at school I worked all day on making the wine glass feet!  I worked in the morning, with Malin, and afternoon, with Maja, in the hotshop... it was exhausting!  What I have been working on kind of looks like this:
The whole top part is blown in a mold and then I add the foot directly onto that and then shape it with that crazy tool I showed you before.  Today though, I saved 3 that I made in the afternoon. One wasn't so good I think but I wanted to save it and see it tomorrow and the last two looked very good!  But they were a little differently shaped since we used a different cup mold.  But you can see them TOMORROW! hurray!  I can't wait to see them personally.

And, since I don't have many pictures I can show you this:
Friday they changed the pot in one of the furnaces that the factory workers use.
I am not sure how, but they had already taken all of the glass out of this furnace, which I think was filled totally up to waist level like the one next to it on the right.
 They wore special space suits because, even though they had turned off the heat they couldn't let it cool completely because the one next to it is using the same heat or something... so it was SUPER hot still.
 They drove the glowing hot door a few feet away with this machine.  That is the insulation and whatnot glowing hot still.
 Then they used another fork lift, more people in space suits and put this different pot in.  I have a theory that it was already heated since it is some type of ceramic.  This will be filled all the way to that opening with glass in the near future, well once they get it up to the right temperature, which can take a while apparently.
 Then they put the door back on, stuff some insulation around it (the stuff on the ground towards the right) and seal it back up.  They poke it with long poles but also use their hands in gloves some... which looks dangerous because the gloves kept catching on fire!  
This is just like the other pot, this one is on display in the lobby.  Apparently they are made using coils and this guy stands in the middle, lays the coils around him and slowly pinches it up!  I guess he gets out when he starts to make the top?  Pretty cool and wild all at the same time.  They told me I can go see one time when they make another one, I will take pictures I promise!  Reminded me of these pots:
Made by David Stempfle, he has made some so big that my little sister fit in them!  I wish I had a digital version of the picture I have of her standing in one of this pots with just her shoulders out! I think she took this in 2005 in Norfolk, Virginia.

It constantly amazes me how similar and how different the glass and pottery is!

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