Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Gentlemen prefer blondes... but gentlemen marry brunettes." ~Anita Loos

How do I keep loosing things?!?!? My room is literally the size of a matchbox!!!!  I have currently misplaced a small calendar I was planning on hanging next to the door...  I unwrapped it yesterday, finally got a pushpin today and low and behold I can't find it!!! Uhg.

The other day...  thursday night maybe I dyed my hair! I haven't done this in a really long time and it used to be a regular past time of mine.  I went to get my hair cut while I was in VA (hadn't cut it since the summer) and the girl said it would be a good idea to get a nonpermanent brown similar to my own to even out the color and make it look a little nicer.  I went to the grocery with my mom, picked out a color which was very nearly the exact same in the box and my head with high hopes of getting a nice balanced hair look.  Well, since I got sick I didn't have time to do in the states so I did it here! I went to the bathroom with the box of dye, a Cosmo for light reading and got started.  What I forgot was anyway to tell time! Whoops! I figured I could wing it since I needed to leave it in for 10 minutes, not long.  Here is how it looks:
Before with box:
 After (I couldn't take a normal picture without looking like someone who hasn't gotten out of bed all day, so I went with this one):
It is a little darker, a little redder, maybe that is what it looks like on the box... oh well, it will fade away over the next 28 shampoos it says.

This week in school I told you we started wine glasses, very exciting and very boring.  Exciting in theory... I can't wait to be able to make a kick ass wine glass... boring in practicality because it is super hard and requires doing the same thing a million times in a row to get good at it.  Here in Sweden we use this "foot tool" to make the foot on the wine glass.  This is supposed to make it easier and the same size every time.  On Wednesday we got the tool and were given a crash course in what it was.  Mostly we sat around, everyone took it apart, talked about it in Swedish (with jet-lagged brain I zoned out) and then we were told to put it all back together.  It should be noted that when taken apart this thing is in about THIRTY TINY PIECES!  And.... I was the first person to get it back together correctly! TAAAAA-DDAAAAA! I beat everyone in the class, about 7 of us, half of which are guys!  I was very proud of myself :)  Here is a picture of the crazy contraption:
 Those dark bits are made of graphite.
 you hold it like this and then foot goes under the silvery part between the two bottom wing nuts.
The top piece of graphite has the curved opening for the stem and then you make the bottom part, foot, by mashing a bit of hot glass against the bottom piece where it is kind of lighter in color... very tricky to get it centered.  Maybe next week I can get a video of Vegard doing it, he is really good at it.

We have worked with making the foot for several days but I have not made any worth keeping yet.  I have made maybe 3 that could actually stand... but not straight.  I will try to keep a few next week just to see how they look when they are done :)

Also, this week while in the cold shop I worked on that huge piece that I was cutting down to look like a diamond... remember?  I think I have been working on it since November, not everyday of course!  I have got it almost done! I have decided that I can't make it absolutely perfect (it is my first try) and will be perfectly happy to accept good enough on this one.  It still needs some more polishing but here it is so far:

I tried to find a before picture, but for some reason can't find one now...  It was just really thick and lumpy if you can remember.

This weekend I plan to do NOTHING! I know, I did just get back for a vacation... which by definition is full of nothingness... but it was kind of busy at times.  I plan to sleep tons and kick this jet lag out for good and to maybe do some laundry... but maybe not.  I have managed to get new virus protection on my computer... so that is something.  Also, I have stumbled across this cool blog called Index.  It is a really hilarious look at life through graphs and charts!  Here are a few of my favorites so far:
This one reminded me of Sam and I, of course.
And this one reminded me of all my best friends I have left back in the states.

Apparently you can get these on shirts and cards and stuff.  I might have to get the friends one on a shirt one day!

I am not sure if I will post tomorrow since I will probably do next to nothing between now and then... maybe ski?!?  But I will def be back on Monday with my regularly scheduled program... err blogging.


  1. LOVE the index blog site! very cool. And also the hair looks good (minus the weird face)... but i do have to say i laaave your weird face! and the diamond glass! I'm going to attempt to once again resume the blogging, so check soon! miss you mwa mwa!

  2. The blue diamond glass vase is looking great!!!!

  3. PS I am not surprised about you putting the foot-maker thing together fast you are always good at that, way to go..........