Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paintball and Surprise!

Saturday morning I roll out of bed around 7:40... when I say roll I mean my body was so exhausted and sore that I literally roll from the bed to the floor where I can crawl to my closet and start putting on clothes while still seated on the floor.  I scramble to the bus which leaves at 8:00 and get slightly harrassed by the driver for bringing my breakfast on board... but oh well I made it!  We arrive at the paintball place an hour later which is just a cow field with some boards on the ground and a covered area with some picnic tables.
We got dressed:
  Yes, that is me in a camo onesy! and a very scary mask... I am ready to kick some ass!
The weapon of choice!  I found these on the ground and they were kind of soft and easily squished and I was like "Yes! these wont hurt at all!" but it turns out they had been sitting there for a while and the real things were hard as rocks and didn't squish at all! AND hurt like hell!
Here is Thomas, Yukka and Kirsten standing around waiting to get started!
You can barely see it but there are some paintball guts on my leg from being shot a few times before lunch.
A very healthy and hearty, and free lunch to get us back in the "KILL" mood!
Here we are all sitting around after lunch listening to some Swedish Political Propaganda.  I found this pretty funny because the majority of us are foreigners who can't vote and half of the swedes aren't even 18 yet... So if someone stumbled into this situation they would see a bunch of foreigners in the woods, dressed in military clothes, listening to political propaganda and practicing war tactics... 
Now back to killing!
And reloading!
On the right, below, we have Thomas advancing across the field being covered by Yukka on the left.  It went something like this:
"Run Thomas Run! I've got you covered, KILL the bastards!"
Thomas looking back going "Vat?!"
"F*ck 'em all!!! Kill Thomas KILL!"
some serious planning of military strategy
Thomas getting killed because he did this ^
Yukka saving the day "aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh f*****cccckkkkk yyyooooouuuuuu!!!!!"
....and the Blue Team wins!
that is me, the third from the left! We kicked ass!!!
"wwwweeeee are the chaaaaampioooooonssssss!"

All in all a very good time.  The general game was capture the flag.  It was my and Kirsten's job at the beginning to stay back and protect the flag... it was very boring but good for us exhausted people.  Then of course we got bored.  So we started to advance and every time I instantly got shot and she would last to nearly the end of the game! I got shot a few times in the leg, the stomach, twice in the head, once on the ear and I think thats about it.  And, NO, I didn't kill a single person.  Maybe I am fated to be a pacifist... maybe.  I did enjoy most watching other people kill each other and laughing from my safe spot in the woods off to the side.  It was pretty hilarious to watch people in this sort of element.  Some really got into it, like Yukka, some merely tried to survive like Thomas I think and some were really surprisingly sneaky and good like my roommate Sarah! She shot Boosa twice, once in the ass and once in the balls I heard! I didn't shoot anyone... Maybe this is because I didn't shoot much in general.. I always came back with more than half of my paintballs still in the gun.  One time we thought we had lost because the red team was stealing our flag right in front of all us dead people and we were yelling "protect the flag!!!" and everyone was sad and then suddenly the blue team starts cheering... for the red team winning?!? "f*cking traitors" - Yukka and low and behold Bjorn comes around with the red team's flag and wins the match! It was a complete stealth attack and freakin awesome!  Blue Team won 4-1 games! So we got a prize of some shirts and hats from IFMetall the political party that sponsored the whole event.  Oh well, now at least I have one extra day before I have to do laundry again since I have another shirt!


On the bus ride home I slept for probably 80% of it.  But then I woke up and was talking to Boosa staring out the window hoping to see a moose like normal and THERE WAS ONE! It was loping along in the woods! IT WAS HUGE!!! and it had antlers! it was a real MOOOOOOSEEEE!!!! I instantly jumped up and yelled "I SAW A MOOOOSEEEE!!! HOOORRRAAAAYYYY!" to the whole bus and mostly just got crazy person stares back but some people were excited for me.  The people who I had already explained to that my trip to Sweden would not be completely until I saw a moose seemed to understand my excitement.  After that I was no longer tired but ready to run a mile with that moose! It was so great!!!! But if you come to visit me I can still take you to a Moose Park where you can pet a moose... or buy moose poop I think! haha

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  1. this is where I come to relive my youth!
    Moose yea!
    and I would play paint ball for that lunch!