Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arrr, meatloaf gar, where can I find a bottle 'rum?

(Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day)

Annnnd me mateys it make Sam's Meatloaf day... arrr me parrot concurs.  Sadly, Sam has walked the plank and is no longer with us... at least to make this gruel... next time...

Here's the booty you need to steal:
Then ya put it in a scabby bowl and get ya wench to mix it...
argggg, thats some egg (chicken juice), onion (tear gas), green pepper (tasty), oats (useless unless you're a parrot), salt, pepper (in me eye!!) and I've 'ad too much rum to remember what else...
yuck yuck yuck yuck grooooosssss, arrrrrgggg
I have scurvy!!!!!!!
For the topping, aka sail on this vessel, we need ketchup, hot sauce and sugar... where is my wench?!?!?
HOLY SHIT!!! what is this mess?!?!?! Doth my nose deceive me?!?!?  Even Smee thinks this smells odd... too many trips across the Atlantic... the magic translator of Google says.... LOBSTER SOUP!?!?!??! F*CK!  now we take a little trip into my mind state at the moment... I sent these emails to my two bestie friends:

"we are in a crisis here... i am making sam's meat loaf.... which has tomoato stuff in it, like soup and ketchup and etc...
i accidently got hummersoppa... which is red... and called a classic!
holy shit!"

and then this one:

"ew, this shit is gross! have you tried lobster soup!??!?!
what do you think?!?!? Should I put it on??? I have some tomato paste.... maybe can save the day with that... my slighly hammered brain (since discovering the lobsertosity of my soup i have had 2 glasses of wine) has maybe had a stroke of brilliance!!!  maybe... i think i will try tomoto paste..."


"yes, i am sure this will save the day!!! I poured the lobstersoup down the drain... it kind of smells like throw up mixed with wheaties... I am sorry if you really like campbells hummersoppa... but i have no soft feelings for it at all.... I think after a whole tube (yes tube... like toothpaste) of tomato paste (double the concentration) i think it will be OK... i will let you know... now i need to get back to that box of wine...."

This is what it looks like after 30 mins in the oven^

"ok, i think we are OK in the tomato department... except i may have just drowned my meatloaf in tomato products... in my swedish romance novel the girl's dad drowned when she was 14... random segue... I will let you know how it turns out in like an hour... if i dont die of starvation first!"

then I got this response:

that is all i have to say. hope it turned out ok!

to which I replied...

^After over an hour in the over and cooked to perfection if the cap't may say so!

"thanks... sheesh! MISS YOU!!!
it was OK... if you put a ton of hot sauce on it so you couldnt taste the slightly odd lobster taste... i mean looooots of hot sauce..."

With plenty of hot sauce (i have used half a bottle on this one loaf and not it is OK) it is very tasty.  I had it with some green beans! I saved about half of it for tomorrow's dinner and then froze the rest for later torture... I mean delight... now walk the plank!!! Ha! You thought I forget about pirate day?!?!? The mostest important day besides bring your wench to work day!!! N'ver!

Next time I will be sure to bring my translator... Smee, to the grocery with me while I steal me supplies to make this meal fit for a King, I mean Me! hahaha.  But all in all a good experience... and I even touched raw meet (and egg) with my hand... not just my hook! ha! 

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!
Arrrr, me lo'e you! and me parrot!
Your Cap't
Theresa the Terrible


  1. Arr, arr, arr, brave wench that you are! What a great book this will be of your adventure. You had me LOL!!

  2. ps, I got kind of excited to know about hummersoppa being such a lobster fan, but I don't like wheaties much and definitely not throw up. Guess I'll take my lobster whole and looking me in the face.

  3. Theresa,
    Thank you for writing the Blog, it always makes me smile and you make my day!