Friday, September 17, 2010

I wrote this one Wednesday and didn't get to post it:

Today really does not feel like Wednesday... I am not sure why, but several people have agreed with me on that today.  Oh well, doesn't have much to do with anything that happens or has happened really.

This morning I went to the hot shop in the school building.  I worked more on the triangle candle dish molds from yesterday.  I will take some pics of the ones I made today tomorrow when I get them out of the annealer!  I made like 10 that were reaaaaallllyyyy good and so then I started to get bored and asked Stig-Allen for something new.  He then said "you have to make 12 perfect ones first." And my answer to that was to open the annealer and show him the perfect ones sitting inside allllll alone b/c no one else was making anything.  So then he gave me this large wooden square mold.  I was to put it on this giant flat stone and blow square bottles.  The kind you would keep your single malt whiskeys in Stig-Allen said.  So, I did that for the rest of the morning,  it was very difficult b/c it was back to making a flask (bottle) post which means I make this thing that is supposed to look like a mushroom, but sometimes it really looks like a wang... then gather over the bubble at the end of the mushroom stem and then make a bottle out of that with a long neck that you could put a cork or something in.  These are hard to make because the glass has to be hot enough to pull the bubble out on the mushroom stem and to make it look like a mushroom.  I kept giggling b/c in my head I got this mantra going "mushroom, good; skinny penis, bad."  I made a whole bunch of cool bottles which I will also photograph tomorrow!  I also worked on those all afternoon in the hot shop in the factory.  I had to drag up some molds and this huge heavy stone since we ran out of glass again in the school furnace.  It was nice to be up in the factory though, so much energy and I get to see some of the more advanced students who I am friends with.  It felt like forever since I had been up there!

After school today I went to Nybro with Rosanne, Christian (who really spells his name Kresten but I still say it Christian so we are going to stick with that for now), Björn and Rikard (the one everyone calls B something like Booosa).  We went and ate some delicious pizza at Amigos.  I decided that since last time I didn't get the bananas on my Tropicana pizza I would try that again.  Also, I was too hungry to stare at the menu for hours and try to decipher the Swedish toppings.  This is what the pizza should look like:
So, what you are seeing are bananas (delish!!), sausages, ham, cheese, and CURRY!  Super good!  Rosanne got this one which you would never see in the states:
It is a gyro pizza of sorts.  I had gyro meat, french fries (such a good and delish idea!), fresh lettuce, tomatoes and garlic gyro sauce!  It was also amazing but really filling and I think she took about half of it home with her to eat later in the week!

Then we went to the grocery store where I didn't really need anything so I bough some true essentials like kladdkakka (chocolate cake), chocolate coconut balls, vitamins, kiwis, jar of sauce, smoked salmon... my bag was the best looking one in the trunk... may not be a balanced meal, but it will be tasty!

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  1. French fries on the pizza??
    Mmmm chocolate coconut balls that is always yummy