Thursday, September 23, 2010

"He was always late on principle, his principle being that punctuality is thief of time" ~ Oscar Wilde

Sorry guys for the lack of post yesterday evening! I was exhausted (the painters and decorators are in as some may say) and then sat around watching crap tv too long to stay awake to write a post... I didn't even shower before bed! Which meant I had to get up THIS MORNING and take one!!! UHG.  I hate waking up in the morning...  To make up for my lack of post here is what I was talking about the other day 
(the X*X*X things):
The more I look at it the more I like it :)

In the morning I went to the hot shop, I was the first one there, which is normal and I put the pipes up to start heating and etc... then my partner, Mia, arrived 5 mins after class was supposed to start... then had to make a "real quick" phone call and 30 minutes later she finally is ready to start class! WTF! So we work and work and she is getting more and more spazzy and pissed because everything isn't working as perfectly as it did the day before.  Finally, she demands that we take break... which normally starts at 10:20 but she insists that it is 10:10 and we argue for a few mins and then finally take the break.  I went and found her 10 minutes before everyone else went back and was like "are you ready? We left 10 minutes early so we can go back 10 minutes early right?"  She jumped up and we started working again.  Each time she would make something she would get more and more upset seeming.  Lunch came and went and nothing changed.  At the last break she said she had had enough and would not be returning to class for the last 1.5 hours... this was a blessing and curse... now who was I going to work with but thank god I didn't have to deal with her foul ass attitude any more!   I worked with this girl named Malin (I think, I call her Molly though) and this was her first time with the glory hole.  She was making the little bowls like I was the week before.  It was nice to help her and she was excited to finally be doing something different...  I am kind of tired of being the most advanced person in the pair though.  Everyone is like "its so nice to work with you because you are more advanced and I can learn so much"  but I never get to say that to anyone! Oh well, hopefully soon!!

We were making more flat bottles and some square ones.  We would blow in the bottle in a mold then put it on a punty and open up the neck in the glory hole.  It is hard to get it all right so at the end it isn't lopsided or something but it is a lot of fun to work with glory hole.  Here are some pictures of what I have made:
"Does this collar make my butt look big?"
"or my hips too wide?"
^ Organized chaos, but the bottles are in the front
An adorably tiny bottle for.... perfume... one shot of whiskey... food coloring... who knows... it is just cute.

After school everyone was packing for their long weekend.  Lots of running around and swearing because they had forgotten to wash this or that.  Rosanne is taking a shirt of mine with her to Gothenburg to try to find some elbow patches.  It is one of my favorite shirts and the first time I put it on here in Sweden I noticed that I had worn a big hole in the elbow :(  She loves fabrics and stuff like this so she is going to try to find me some cool leather patches to put on it! I was sad to see her and Yenni go... now my building is pretty empty... It is just me, Saara (finish roommate who is sickly), Nick & Nils (2 American dudes upstairs) and the couple who doesn't really hangout with anyone.  Only the students who are like me on their own idividual program and the 3rd year Nordics have class on Thurs & Fri this week.  I quickly escaped my boring, sickly, awkward apartment to Kirsten and Anniina's to watch some of their bad tv (they have cable channels!) and eat some glutton and lactose free blueberry pie! Then I went home and straight to bed... OK maybe I talked to Sam first but then straight to bed.

I have lots to show you later today (and I am going mushroom picking in a few minutes!) and I made some really cool pieces today that I can't wait to show you on friday!!! Sorry again about the lack of posting :-P


  1. You can't be as bad as me at lack of posting! Tiny bottle for a genie! And also, look at that WHOLE table full of wonderful stuff you made! Miss you.

  2. The X's and big dots are nice, such a steady hand!!
    I think the tiny bottle is really sweet looking too, looking forward to seeing your work in real life!!!
    Be careful with the mushrooms there are some really dangerous ones that look like some other ones!!!!
    It is ok I'm her mother