Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And so, we had pig... but its OK because we aren't Jewish and if we were I would still eat bacon!

Well this morning I went to the hot shop with visions of crazy patterns swimming in my head... I found a bowl to work on and it was kind of small looking after I tried to lay out the pattern (which also became strangely phallic...).  While I searched for another bowl I found this cool black/grey one that is higher on two sides.  It is hard to explain.  But, this bowl in it coolness would not be good for my new wang design either.  Instead I sat around with a magic marker and drew a new design on it. Maybe I will grow up to be a really cool cutting designer?  Until then I had a good idea... but I was supposed to practice it on a plain bowl.  I got the bowl, did the cutting... very complicated, involving big and small deep cutting wheels and a flower cutting wheel... and it really wasn't very interesting.  I was so disappointed that after all that work and super hard cutting it just wasn't that interesting... Tove and Rebecca pointed out that I had designed it for the other grey/black bowl and it was sure to look more interesting on that and probably very pretty.  So, I sat around and ground away at the bowl.  I did the cuts really well and was pleased with my work but again slightly disappointed.  Tove said it was very pretty, not very exhilarating, but maybe I should do a series of bowls in that shape all with different designs and then it would be cooler.  Essentially my slightly lame bowl design needs a buddy or two to make it less lame.  This is like high school for my bowls.  great.
So here is what I created (it was really hard to photograph this color bowl):

 It is two swooshes meeting over a big circle with two little ones going towards the middle where the ends meet with the swooshes on the other side... wow that sounds more confusing then it is...  Also, it is not so white looking in the carved areas in real life.
 This is a better representation of the true colors.
This is the side where the ends of the swooshes meet.

Oh here are more bottles on parade from yesterday... sheesh.  
Oh and remember that the match box is enormous!

After lunch I went to the hot shop where I mentioned to Stig-Allen that I was done with bottles.  He said he thought so too and maybe today I could work with some colors and then make bowls with them.  Some free blowing he says.  Mia and I were very pleased to hear this.  She is super into colors and I am really tired of mold blowing! So we broke out some colors and Stig-Allen walks over with an optical mold and Mia and are  I are like "uuuuuh oooh" but he shows us how to put color stripes on the glass with the mold.  Pretty cool.  Sadly, I was having a really off day.  I think I made maybe 2 bowls.  I made several very nice and big bubbles and then tried to put them on the punty and they met with their maker (the cement floor), I didn't get punties in time because my partner wasn't paying attention and because I am not experienced enough I would warm it too much or not enough and then the whole thing was dead.  Also, the furnace was nearly empty of glass again.  I had to do what is called a "varmnavel"  which I fondly refer to as a warm belly button.  It is where you gather a tiny bit of glass on the end of the pipe, blow a bubble big enough to unclog the pipe then gather again.  This gives you more surface area for the glass to stick to and makes it easier to gather more glass in tricky situations.  My problem (and why I don't often use this method) is because I am pretty good at gathering glass already and always end up with a TON of glass.  Now, maybe I need to practice at gathering less glass?  Maybe... but for now... colorful bowls.  sigh.  Mia had a fairly good day which was good.  And I am sure that tomorrow will be better!  I will stop making excuses and get down to business!  I once again knocked myself in the teeth! At this rate I am going to have to blow glass with a mouth guard in like a football player...  I am sure to get some odd looks with a big blue mouth guard hanging out of my mouth!

After school I went to mail some postcards to my sisters, our made up Siblings Day is coming up! Then I went to the Library Bus!  Yes, a giant bus drives from Nybro to Orrefors every Ttuesday and brings us books! I signed up and got a library card (made me very happy!) and ordered a John Grisham book for next week! I can't wait! The lady was really nice and even though I completely sucked at using the library computer to order my own book helped me out a whole lot.  I am very glad that I went and very glad that my Aunt told me about it.  Thanks Eva!

Later, Rosanne and I (well mostly I) made stuffed bell peppers for dinner! I have been thinking about this for a while, I think Sam mentioned it a week ago or so.  The other day in Nybro they had a sale on peppers, meat and cheese! PERFECT!  

We used cooked rice, a tomato-y mixture with some onions, basil and oregano in it.
 I got Rosanne to touch the meat! She goes "hmmm I don't usually eat this kind..."  and I say "what do you mean? ground?"  and she goes "No! Pig! I usually just eat graded cow!"  Whoops! I totally meant to buy ground beef... instead we had pig... I mean pork.
 We mixed it with egg, cheese, the rice and some of the tomato-y mix and put it in the pre-boiled peppers.
 Baked it for an eternity! and then coated it with cheese and ate it!
 Pretty damn delicious I thought! Everything is good if it has meat, tomatoes and cheese on it!
We shared it with Yenni who could eat it because it was glutton and lactose free! And she agreed to do the dishes ;)

This evening I have also enjoyed that all of you in America finally have new TV shows! I caught up on Glee (but not the Brittney show yet) and some Bones (an all time favorite).  It has been a good evening for my kind of poopy day at school.  I am sure tomorrow will be better! I am going to go get in bed with some chocolate and Pride & Prejudice!

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