Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Cake or Death? Cake please! Very well, give him cake!" ~ Eddie Izzard

Today I had 3, yes, THREE different cakes!!! 

I just got back from cake at Anniina and Kirsten's where they had 2 chocolate cakes.  One with normal ingredients and one with no gluten or sugar... both very good! I of course had to do a taste test!  Apparently every Thursday is cake day with Anniina!! I've made very good friends indeed... not only do we laugh constantly but also because they have a CAKE DAY!!!!!

But let me start at the beginning of the day I suppose....  I have lots of pictures for you!!

In the morning I went to the hot shop.  Stig-Allen set me up making really big bubbles.  I am supposed to gather a ton of glass (well relatively speaking of course) and make bubbles which one day will become much bigger bowls and bottles and drop vases and etc... So, I spent my morning making bubbles.  I started to collect them at my feet to make myself feel like I was actually doing something.  Also, every time I made a good one Stig-Allen wasn't around to see it! I got a few "Braaaa (good) Therrrresa!"s which made me happy.  At one point he came by and poked through my bubble carcasses on the floor and was like "this one is very good" and I couldn't help it but I had to point out "thats because that one is yours!!!!"  hahaha sheesh! But here is my bubble graveyard at the end of the morning... some of the bubbles made it to a proper funeral into the recycle bin and not the mass grave you are about to see... so try to imagine it with about 5-6 more bubbles:

After lunch I was torn... literally Stig-Allen pulled on one side and Rebecca on the other while I was trying to decide if I should go to the cold shop or the hot shop.
 This is the hot shop in the school.
And this is Rebecca's sign at the entrance of the cold shop which I took pictures of a few days ago I think.

I decided to go into the cold shop where I finished the glasses and bowls that I made yesterday. It was nice to make something and then the next day finish them and have a completed product!!! Makes me feel a little bit more like a "real" glass blower! haha, silly I know!
 Here are my glasses, remember the hugeness of the matchbox please!
 I ground the bottoms down to remove any punty marks and to make them sit a little more straight then I polished away the grinding marks.
 They are still a little crazy looking... but they are GLASSES! yay!
 I think they should be a good size to put tea candles in and have all together... maybe?
 Here are my 3 keep-able bowls and one silly plate I made.
 Clear, green stripes, blue stripes and plate.
 Rebecca said the plate was big enough to hold 3 pieces of chocolate on... We decided it could be your night-time chocolate plate... when you are sneaking a few pieces to bed with you and don't want it to melt in your hand... you have this adorable plate!
Yay stripes! The color got removed on the bottom when I ground it, but I think it looks kind of neat...  Maybe just because there is nothing I can do about it now.

After lunch we all got together to celebrate Christian's birthday! He turned 25 today... a regular old man... All day there had been random rounds of Happy Birthday in different languages which was pretty fun.  He made us all a chocolate cake with banana in it.  Apparently this is very Danish... it was good, kind of interesting but good! I mean its chocolate cake!  
 Cake please!
 The gathering.... lots of people came! I got to meet some more students who I hadn't really talked to before.
 Everyone enjoyed the cake and ice cream! He had raspberry sorbet with chocolate in it too! mmmmm!
 Here is the old man!
 And, my second piece of cake... 
and some coffee.... mmmm :)

After the party I decided that maybe I should go for a walk.  I had gotten a headache over the course of the day and was feeling kind of "bla" so I thought some fresh air couldn't hurt right?!  And maybe I should walk off those 2 pieces of cake and million cookies I ate at lunch... I mean... I had healthy stuff too... but Ballerinas are so good!  I started down the road and ran into Anio and Marjut (two Finish girls) who were walking Diia and Rrrrooommmaaaalllmmmmaannn the Finish dog and cat that belong to Jukka.  We all went for a nice long walk and came across these Tim Burton-esque trees:
 They are HUGE! Can you see the cat in the lower right... they are HUGE!
 OK, mostly just fat and not that tall...  But do you see the big hole in the middle!!! It was hollow!!
 Curiosity killed the cat... haha not really!
I was curious too and it turns out it is hollow all the way up! Someone could climb all the way up maybe.... maybe?  Maybe another day...

After the walk I had a very strange dinner which consisted of the odd things that I had in my fridge... pork, green beans, pasta sauce, and cheese.  I threw it all in a pan with some basil, oregano and garlic and hoped for the best.  It turned out pretty good.  It was totally edible and I ate it alllllll.  Which prompted my roommate, Saara to say "You eat a lot!" and me to burst out laughing!  I mean... first who says that?!?! Just straight out like that?!?! Good thing I am not too concerned about my weight or eating or looking like a pig apparently.  I finally stopped laughing and replied with "well, for some reason I am always hungry here!  So, I think it is OK that I eat a lot...."  It is true... ever since arrive in Sweden I am hungry! I eat and eat and wake up hungry, get hungry an hour before lunch... eat snack and am starving for dinner at like 5pm! WHY!?!?!? Oh well, I am not too worried about it.  Second... I don't remember... it was just hilarious.

After a while of mindless facebook surfing I got a message that there was cake at Kirsten and Anniina's! Where I went and promptly had 2 more pieces of cake! I am turning into a glutton! I will be healthy tomorrow instead!  On the way I ran into Rosanne, Martin, Christian and Bjorn who just came back from pizza and on the way back they saw TWO moose, a fox and a hare! Martin has seen like A MILLION MOOSE!!! I can only see 1 really far away from the bus!!! Sheesh.  Apparently the experience with the moose was a little life threatening and scary... it was in the middle of the road being HUGE.  Luckily they are all OK and got to see ANOTHER moose! I am so jealous of the moose sightings.  Oh well, I had 4 pieces of cake today!

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  1. 4 pieces of cake is good and you have to store up energy for future moose sightings!
    Hopefully on the side of the road that is where they belong!!