Monday, September 13, 2010

Do Fun Stuff!

So first off, I don't plan to make this my personal soapbox but here are too pretty cool things I found today:
I signed up and plan to video someone blowing some really cool glass and sending it in! I know a lot of you would think this is really cool even if you don't participate (but you totally should!).

Then I found this kid's CD which is HILARIOUS (I am currently listening to it right now!):
Do Fun Stuff, Vol. 1
It a charity project for research for Smith-Magenis Syndrome.  All you people out there with children should celebrate their youth, or the kid inside yourself, and check this out!  I am really enjoying it :) especially Morton the Caterpillar!

Today I have been SUPER exhausted all day.  As you know I had a long weekend and for some reason just couldn't fall asleep last night! It was so infuriating laying there exhausted and just couldn't sleep...  I am really sympathetic to people with insomnia b/c I think it would kill me if I had it.

I was in the hot shop this morning which was GREAT (oh! a girl just rode a horse down my street!)  In the hot shop we worked in the school today instead of the factory.  They finally got that furnace to work which was nice and much less hectic! I got to blow into optical molds which have a shape to them that isn't just round.  You press the bubble into the mold and pull it out and it had indents on the sides which kind of stay while you shape the piece the rest of the way.  When you make these pieces they need a bottle neck Stig-Allen said.  I had never done that before but it involved blowing a big first bubble, putting in a jack line and pulling it away from the pipe forming a mushroom pretty much.  You want it more narrow at the bubble then the pipe so it can hold a cork one day.  That was a lot harder then it sounds but I got pretty good at it and tomorrow I start moving my pieces from the blow pipe to a punty to make a pretty neck in the glory hole.  The ones I made today we will cut in the cold shop later.

After lunch I went to the cold shop and asked Rebecca to show me how to make beads (she calls them pearls).  I made a whole bunch in clear and a few with a little bit of green in them.  I didn't have time to clean them so I will do that tomorrow and take some pictures.  I made one that sorta looks like a tea pot... it was an accident but it was pretty cool looking.  I sat next to this guy Connie who used to work in the factory and he is a wildly good bead maker! All of his look like these really awesome planets! He made one today that looked like Earth on ecstasy... if you can imagine that...

Then I got a great package from my wonderful boyfriend! Two little rings with (fake) food on them!! One is sushi (mmm) and the other is a little cupcake (mmmm again)!  And 6 CDs to add to my glass blowing listening to collection! I am very excited b/c my music collection is growing so much it is making glass blowing a breeeeeze... ok, maybe not a breeze but pretty great!

Now I am off to have a nice dinner with Kristen and Anniina, Gitte and Antony and I think that is it.  I am interested to see what we have, it has to be glutton free, lactose free and sugar free... I asked if I could bring something and they were like "uuuuhhhh" and all of a sudden I go "I have a box of wine!" and they said that would be good.  Thank god! haha.  Then to bed very early tonight!!!

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  1. A box of wine is always a good thing to bring, especially in Sweden since even good wines come in the handy-dandy boxes.
    Looking forward to looking at your beads and the bottles next