Wednesday, September 8, 2010

never go the grocery hungry...

What a day...

In the morning I was in the cold shop.  It was really nice b/c there weren't that many people and apparently there were like 30 people in the hot shop in the morning! Chaos! So, I learned to use the 90 degree cutting stone today and also the make leaves... So I did this:

That is like a 1354651981 lines... very crazy and so hard to go straight!
These are the flowers I learned last week, done on a new bowl with 90 degree stems and my new fancy leaves!

I didn't have time to finish it but it looks pretty cool so far! It is amazing I can do something like that!  I can't wait finish the whole bowl!!! 

Then into the hot shop in the afternoon.  It was kind of full, I got to be on the side with the first year gymnasium kids, so I totally looked like I knew what I was doing! haha.  I worked on bigger cups again where you make a bubble and then take a second gather on it and blow the cup.  I was not getting enough glass b/c the level was so low in the furnace but Orca helped me and I made some really good ones! I had enough glass in the bottom of the cup and it was pretty damn even! I got a few "perfect!"s even!!! Hooray! Stig-Allen named the pipe cooler "kiss lisa" I don't know why but both him and Orca kind of giggle when they use it.  Silly old men :)

Then after school a bunch of us (Rosanne, Yenni, Bjorn and Josefine - Danish girl and me) went the gym in Nybro to go to yoga.  I was a little nervous b/c the yoga was definitely going to be in Swedish... and everyone that I was going with could understand Swedish....  And, for some reason I got put in the front of the class.  THE ONLY ONE WITH NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON was in the FRONT ROW! poor planning on my part I suppose.  It was an OK yoga session... I forgot how much I hate just regular yoga... it is sooooooo boring! All that breathing and sitting and breathing...  All I could think about was the dragon breather (super loud and growly) beside me breathing.  I was practically vibrating out of my little cross legged position!  It was also really hard to relax when you had to constantly look around see what everyone else was doing and try to copy it.  But it did show me how much I need to stretch doing this glassblowing!  I don't think I am going to join the gym... I don't think I will go much.  Maybe I will try some of the other classes, they have boxing apparently.  I could learn to kick some ass... maybe... probably just get knocked out by the boxing bag or something.  

But after yoga we went to the BIG grocery in the BIG city...  in the grocery here you can buy UNDERWEAR!  How weird is that?!?!?  I guess it is similar to wal-mart or something... but so different.  I mostly got candy and bad for you food.  It is not pretty. I WAS STARVING after yoga... so everything bad for you looked really good.  I kept walking past all the ice cream and cookies and drooling and avoiding the fruit sections b/c it was so damn cold!  I even thought about buying a variety pack of teas (they have to much here) but decided against it b/c it reminded me too much of the boring yoga...  Solid decision making on my part in the grocery store... 

I ended up having frozen pizza and beer for dinner.  I tried to take a picture of the cool beer but for some reason it wasn't on the camera when I plugged it into my computer.  Oh well.  It was Piston Head, Summer Lager... and the slogan was "keep it low and slow this summer."  And, it tasted pretty good!  Then I sat around and ate a ton of candy... so all that good for you going to the gym and yoga turned out to be kind pointless...  or maybe not... maybe it made the beer, pizza and candy taste that much better?

PS: Thanks everyone for the comments! They made me feel loved and like you guys are actually reading it! I was starting to feel like I was just writing and writing and it was kind of like yoga.... sort of pointless feeling.  But comments are GRRRRRREAT! (as Tony the Tiger would say).


  1. Hi T- catching up on you since our trip to Va and back- I know about that grocery store thing!
    I always crave junk food after I do my physical therapy- now why is that- and give me a massage and I want salty chips!
    The glass looks great!

  2. Looks like you are having lots of fun! Your bowls look great. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog, you write very well and your humor shines through!! Eat on, wish I could do that now but my body won't cooperate with me any more:( And do watch out for those boxing bags.