Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Counting on the night; for a beautiful day" Be Somebody - Kings of Leon

I am currently sitting at my computer bored out of my mind at 8:57 PM listening to Kings of Leon (I love their Only By The Night album!! I have been playing it to death recently)... contemplating what to do until it is a reasonable time for bed... this is Orrefors... the days in the middle of the week can be unbearably boring at times.  I did all of the things I could think to do... I went for a walk, talked to Sam, checked facebook, walked to the grocery, walked home slowly... checked facebook, cooked food slowly (penne with red, meaty, oniony, garlicy sauce), drank wine, ate food slowly, checked facebook, went upstairs to visit Rosanne and Yenni... checked facebook.  I feel like all I do is slowly go from one task to another usually while eating... or drinking coffee or wine.  It is an odd place to be.  I have gone from being constantly busy to this... this place where I fill my time with walking slowly to the grocery just to buy juice... ONLY YUICE (thats how you say it in Swedish)! sheesh.  Everyone is rushing around because they are leaving after school tomorrow for a long weekend.  I am staying here to keep going to school with the 3rd year Nordic students and will be one of two people in my building I think.  Should be interesting.  I hope to get some laundry done at least... 

But, today, before I got soooo bored I had school! This morning I went to the cold shop where I did some more deep cutting.  I made a design that kind of looks like this X*X*X*X* except the dots are in the middle of the X not towards the top.  It is cool, but sadly my camera was dead at school today... sorry.  Then I finished up the triangle candle dishes.  They look good now... like you could really have a candle in one!  I only broke one bowl today.  I was sitting at the deep cutting wheel and this 16 yr old punk kept walking past bumping into me and pissing me off.  Finally, he sits down at the wheel behind me and after a while I hear a piece of glass break behind me.  I don't even stop or look up, just think "ha! he broke his bowl freakin' asshole!"  After I finished cutting in my X I turn around and am surprised to see the broken bowl beneath me... it is the demo bowl that has fallen off my table and crashed to a million PIECES! SHIT! Apparently the table had vibrated it right off... and the 16 yr old punk had nothing to do with it, and his bowl with still safely in tact in his grimy little hands! sigh...  After lunch I was in the hot shop where I got to make flat bottles in a mold then put them on a punty and opened up the neck! It was a lot of fun and really hard and I had some good success and some really horrible ones.  I, of course, had the one that was perfect and somehow found its way to the floor... oh well.  I just made another one! Because I can!! haha.

After school Rosanne and I walked around Orrefors some looking at the apartment buildings because she is thinking of moving out of this building and getting her own single apartment.  We came across this one apartment building where there were 2 little black shetland ponies grazing.  We stopped so she could peer in the windows and I fed the ponies some cookies.  Then a bigger horse came ambling over and also demanded cookies.  I quickly ran out of Ballerinas... really good Swedish cookies.  But it was nice to be in a group of horse fighting over your attention and food.  Rosanne was a little intimidated but it was so nice for me.  Reminded me of the boys (Horses: Justin, Theo, Dancer and Tramp) back home fighting over the last peppermint when you would turn them out after a ride.  I think I will go back and visit after school again to see if they are there often or not!

I went to Tempo (the local grocery) where I bough useful things like juice, creme fresh, dip mix, a bell pepper, milk and fisherman's friend (disgusting salty licorice hard candy) for my roommate... it was a very useful trip! haha.  Oh well, it filled the time I suppose.  After dinner I sat around watched my friends all packing and organizing.  They are all excited about spending their 4 day weekend away in places like Copenhagen, Gothenburg and etc... I am a nerd and excited about going to school with the more advanced students and a better student to teacher ratio! It is exhausting to sit on your ass and watch people scurry around and spaz out about stuff.  Why do people get so concerned about going places... maybe I am weird or something but I never get so worked up about going some place.  Sure, if I am super excited like I am visiting a best friend, I think about what to pack but I don't let it stress me for the whooooole day before... what is wrong with these people.  It is the same in the states, don't get me wrong... I have always thought it was odd.  But I think I might be in the minority in this situation...  Now I am sitting in my room, relaxing with a much deserved chocolate ball (all that stress... you know) and am going to go back to translating my romance novel that is in Swedish... I have left my heroin stranded in Stockholm in 1881, it is September... 

I will put up lots of pictures tomorrow to make up for my lack of photos today!  
In the mean time my mom sent me this picture from National Geographic:
I know... HOLY SHIT! (thanks Mamma!)

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